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AC Medical Review – Pros & Cons


  • Products are clean and neat.
  • The website is displayed in a colorful manner.
  • Website is easy to navigate.
  • Prices are well elaborated
  • Cheaper than competitors.
  • Efficient and fast delivery services.
  • Professional and courteous staff.
  • Excellent and reliable customer service.
  • Quick and easy transactions.
  • Quality products.
  • Product has sweet aroma and flavor.
  • Product exudes strong effect and is pain relieving.


  • Packaging irregularities.

AC Medical Website Products Review is a Mail Order Marijuana dispensary in Canada that sells marijuana at cost-effective prices without compromising product quality. We offer a variety of products that are packaged in a clean and neat manner.

The company’s website displays a simple and colorful theme and is easy to navigate, which goes a long way in capturing the attention of potential clients.

All product prices have been clearly displayed to prevent confusion. Furthermore, the homepage offers descriptions to the customer on how to order the desired product(s) and have them delivered at their vicinities ASAP!

AC Medical offers a wide range of cannabis products ranging from flowers, to AAA and AAAA concentrates, and various edibles such as capsules. For this review, we selected three among the top shelf products of flowers, concentrates and edibles.

-Cannabis flowers:



-AAA Concentrates

-AAAA Concentrates

Edibles: Capsules, Cookies, Chocolate, Candy etc…

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a cross breed between OG Kush and Durban Poison whose recognition surpasses California boundaries. Its sweet and savory aroma exhilarates you to cloud nine where tranquility and mental amplitude meet. It’s out of the world THC structure has won Girl Scout Cookies several Cannabis Cup awards which is a plus for this hybrid. If you are a victim of appetite loss, nausea or severe pain, make GSC your alley!

Ideally GSC is recognized for its alluring beauty in twisting green calyxes enveloped in purple leaves and lit orange strands (see below). If you are looking to grow this cannabis yourself, give it 9-10 weeks for the plant to adequately flower.

If you cherish some relaxation and chilling time, then Girl Scout Cookies is your type of strain. Its impact is so strong and intense it can make you goofy, happy and talkative if you are an introverted individual. However, this is definitely not your choice for a party, hype or unstructured environment. It usually takes roughly 2-3 sessions for the impact to kick in but when it does it leaves you famished and running for some munchies.

Product Review 0-100




Insomnia- 14%





Exhilaration- 53%

Happiness- 62%

Relaxation- 58%

Elevation- 53%


Anxiety- 4%

Dizziness- 5%

Dry eyes- 14%

Dry mouth-26%

Paranoia- 5%

On the website you can purchase Girl Scout cookies for as low as $6 up to $145 depending on the quantity. Therefore, 1 gram= $6; ¼ ounce= $40; ½ ounce= $75 and 1 ounce =$145. If you want an entire bulk it costs $1600 however, no coupons, further discounts or reward points are awarded because of the price reduction from $1800. Express shipping is however included.

Add the product to your cart and thereafter specify the mode of shipping. AC Medical offers Free Express Post Tracked shipping and another Express Tracked Canada at an extra cost of $125. The shipping rates vary according to your location. If you are located in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan the Purolator Flat rate is $25; for Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, the charge is $30 and a Purolator Flat rate of $40 for Maritimes.

Before placing your order, take note of the insurance charges against theft, loss or seizure of your products during shipping. The charges vary according to the size of your order from $10, $20 to $50. You will then be required to specify your mode of payment between bit coin and Email Money Transfer.

Afghani Hash

This fresh and savory Golden Eagle is traditionally produced everywhere in Afghanistan. High quality Hash however comes from the Northern regions in the middle of the Russian border and the Hindu Kush.

The plants used for Afghani Hash are minor bushy indicas. After being passionately hand crafted with tea or water, the final product is very elastic and exhibits strong and spicy aroma. It looks black on the outside and brown of the interior-like a black luscious chocolate or fudge bar (as shown below). The taste is oulala…. magnificent!

The impact is similar to narcotics and offsets a very strong and severe elevation. You can also spice things up by adding a little to your smoke joint or pipe. It can be quite easy to overlook the vigour of Afghani Hash because it takes only 5 minutes for maximum effect therefore take caution when smoking. If you love this old school Gold Seal Hash, get ready for a relaxation and spiritual roller coaster!

For $20 you can purchase 1 gram Afghani Hash and you earn 20 points; 2grams costs $40 and you receive 40 points; 7g costs $110 and a benefit of 110 points; 14g= $210= 210 points and 28g=$390=390 points.

So say you want to purchase 2 packages 28g Afghani Hash, the total will be $780 and you get 10% discount on concentrates and vapes thus amounting to $702. No taxes are charged for shipping which is a plus! You will then fill out the form with your details and if you are a newbie, you will be required to create a new customer account for convenience the next time you make a purchase. Please also note that there are no shipping options therefore countercheck your address. Finally the mode of payment is Interac E-transfer which you must send through online banking.

Afghani Hash has received 5-star reviews from loyal customers who recommend its pleasant flavor, high quality and good price so you can trust that you are buying only the finest!


Yes as you probably guessed it, they look just like vitamin capsules so don’t confuse! Cannabis capsules are cylindrical and dissolvable to be orally ingested. We offer a variety of capsules from single-strain oil to full-range cannabis thus offering you a wide array of selection to suit your needs. If you’re not a fan of vaporization or combustion then capsules is the best option for you as it is a convenient mode of ingestion and simpler to consume. We’ve selected one strain of capsules for your review namely Secret Garden THC capsules.

Secret Garden Capsules

Secret Garden THC is a sensation of the Colorado Seed Inc. Company (see image below). It brings an extreme sense of relaxation and calmness to your body. Furthermore, its fragrance is therapeutic as it elevates your mental wellbeing, relieves pain and improves your mood. The combination of lavender aroma, Rug Burn OG and Moonshine works wonders in relaxing your muscles. The euphoria lasts 2-3 hours after smoking a pre-roll of 750 grams.

1 package of this secret garden contains 30 capsules. 10mg=$42; 20mg=$75.90 and 50mg=$157. Select the package you desire to buy and add it to your cart. Say you purchase 20mg at $75.90, the shipping charge will be $15.00 (GotWeed Express shipping) and tax incurred is $3.80 which makes the order sum $94.70.

Website Encounters

AC Medical has its fair share of online clients. A significant number of websites have reviewed its products and services and given constructive feedback. Our loyal customers have also given us excellent reviews which are eye catching and irresistible to our newbies, thus it is hard for them to keep away!

These are some of the excellent reviews AC Medical received on Reddit:

“Legit! Products are of high quality; and excellent customer service, packaging and delivery.”

“AC Medical is an underrated MOM. It abides by its word.”

“Good double vacuum seal package.”

Pricing Policy

AC medical has an established loyalty system to appraise its loyal clients. It is a win-win marketing strategy for both the enterprise and customers because it captivates new clients and customers can feel appreciated thus devoting their loyalty.

It you are a registered member you get 1% of your overall purchase value in the form of points. Once you accumulate enough points, you can utilize them for your next purchase, as prices are highly reduced. AC Medical’s pricing strategy is also reliable and trustworthy.

Product Packaging & Delivery Process

Here’s what happens after you confirm your purchase, the accounts department validates your payment to the packaging department, which then begins the packaging process with well labeled boxes. The boxes are then sealed and your address stamped on the top. If you make a purchase of above $200, AC Medical makes free delivery however for orders below $200 the standard charge is $15 for delivery.

When you make your online purchase, AC Medical ships your order from its main branch in Vancouver. If you are within the localities you get your goods within 1-2 hours and if you stay far away you get a delivery period of 3-5 days. The dispensary has an excellent mail order program which ensures that you are not inconvenienced or your order is not delayed.

Delivery Packaging and Delivery Experience

After payment, AC Medical sent an email confirming and detailing the transaction and shipment. The package was delivered within 2 days which was highly efficient. However, the box had been tampered with and one flower was missing. A staff member of the company was able to address the issue within a few hours and the missing product was delivered using a Fast Track system. The staff professionalism was really impressive as well as excellent customer service.

AC Medical is highly dependable and it values us customers- Its fast delivery system is a plus along with its effective system to address orders and payments.

Contact Details for AC Medical

You can send a message via email to their support team at any time of the day or night however you will get feedback during working hours between Monday and Friday. Their email address is

Every staff member is well acquitted with each product and they are very passionate about marijuana. Therefore don’t shy from making inquiries concerning the products and how you can use them effectively. Ensure that you utilize them properly to gather every facet of information concerning concentrates and flowers that best suit you.