Whether you’re seeking Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, your experience should be one of pure bliss and contentment. What good would it be to smoke some rolls or get some edibles if your experience is compromised, one way or the other?

While it’s still somewhat new in the game, many people are turning into vaping their cannabis rather than the good old roll-n-smoke traditions. Quite understandably, many are still skeptical to this new trend… but are you?

Let’s take a look at why vaping marijuana might be the best way to get your dose working its magic.

8 Advantages of Vaping Marijuana

1. It’s Better for Your Health

Granted, all of the research shows that smoking marijuana in general doesn’t come with half of the health hazards induced by tobacco smoking. And yet, smoking marijuana gets into your body toxins and tar that come side-by-side with combustion, which still harm your lungs. Vaping in general provides a 95% safer alternative to tobacco smoking, so it’s safe to assume the same can be said for smoking in general. The effect on your health also relies very heavily on what kind of tool you are using to vape. It’s important that you know where to buy marijuana vaporizers that are of top quality and that can last with you over a long period of time. Be sure to know how to use it as well

2. It’s Much More Discreet

One of the most distinctive characteristics of weed is its strong smell, which can be frowned upon at the workplace or in family gatherings. Vaping provides you with a much more discreet alternative, because for starters, no one knows what oil you’re using. There’s also a big variety of oils and dry herb vaporizers you can choose from, a lot of which can ease down the smell of marijuana.

3. It’s Fast-acting

Unlike edibles that can take up to two full hours until you start to feel the effect, vaping gives you the same instant high you feel when you smoke it. That’s because the pathway it takes from your lung to brain is much shorter.

4. It’s Safer Than Smoking

Choosing vaping over smoking is even safer in use and friendlier to the environment. You don’t have to worry about open flames or the carbon gases you send over to the environment, as is the case with smoking. Even more, smoking results in some by-products that aren’t really environmentally friendly at all, such the butts that could take 12 years to degrade. While with vaping devices, some vaporizers are reusable, and cartilages are recyclable.

5. You Get a Higher Dose of More Pronounced Marijuana Flavor

As the oil or dry extract is found concentrated in your tank, there’s none to be lost in the combustion process of the joint. You get the full dose without losing any without your consent. Vaping also preserves the flavor to the real deal, as most of flavor fades away under the high temperature needed to light up a roll.

6. It’s Cost-efficient

It’s true that you’ll need an initial investment to get a decent vape (as the more shady devices may pose other serious health hazards), but in the long run, you’ll be using every drop of the oil without wasting any. You’ll realize that it was an investment well placed.

7. Other Advantages of the Vaping Device

To add on all of these advantages, you get to control the temperature of the vape as suits your mood and taste. You won’t be forced into smoking the full joint in one go either. You can store the oil in the tank, switch the vape off, and start again from where you left off.

8. The Greater Good in Vaping Marijuana

Vaping marijuana might be the latest trend in the cannabis community, but whoever introduced it was a genius. Not only is vaping a much better alternative to smoking health-wise, it offers many advantages. Starting from the discretion it offers to the fast-acting results, it’s safety and environmental-friendliness, its cost-for-value effectiveness and the ability to control your dose, it’s definitely one of the best trends in the game.