The notorious hash is an old time favourite and legend to the cannabis industry. Hash is the very first pioneer to cannabis concentrates. This is something that every long time stoner can vouch for. Because it’s one of the easiest and most simple concentrates to make at home. It’s also a good source to get baked. Hash is very versatile, as it has multiple uses and is a perfect pick for someone feeling adventurous with their cannabis. Starting with the first and one of the most adventurous ways to smoke hash.

Dab It

One of the best ways to use hash is with glass dab rig. It’s actually possible to dab it right on the nail just like any other concentrate such as shatter or rosin. Prepare your hash by heating that nail manually by blow torch or using an e-nail. Remember that burning at a higher heat will take away from the flavor and become more harsh. Therefore, burning the hash at a lower temperature is better for people looking to get a better taste of the marijuana hash.

  • Using your pick or scooper to take the hash then carefully place it in the nail and begin to inhale that wonderful, tasty, concentrate.

Place a cap on top of the nail to keep the smoke in the rig after placing the hash in. (Optional)

Doing this will allow the user to taste all of those terpenes. Some people might mix rosin with the hash in order to create their own favourite flavor combinations and strong highs.

Hot Knife

This method is sometimes used with a regular herbal pot or with shatter or hash oil weed concentrates.  It’s also an easy method.  Simply heat up a stove eye and then heat up two butter knives close to red hot.  Now, drop a dot of hash or hashish oil on your knife.  Place the second knife on top and use a straw to suck up the potent smoke.  As with all users, be careful to do your inhaling away from flames and heat sources, so find a good place to inhale your smoke.  Don’t just bend over the stove eye and set yourself aflame.

Roll A Joint Or Blunt/Spliff With Hash

Most stoners know how to roll a joint or blunt. Even if you don’t, have no fear! Rolling companies have cones which are always an easy access option too!

Being the most social and out-going way to smoke your medicine, this method is perfect for surprising your friends in a social gathering. Roll your joint/blunt with reefer or tobacco and topping it off with a sprinkle of hash. Doing this will allow everyone to get on that next level high. Stick around your friends after to see which ones are more faded then the others and have a good laugh. For a fun joke you could even ask your friends if they taste anything different about the joint/blunt they had just smoked.

Vaporize Hash

You can use a vape pen made to handle hash and hash oil.  Be sure to purchase a pen that can handle the types of concentrates you will be smoking.  Then it’s simply a matter of following the instructions for your particular type of vaporizer.

In the past, large vaporizers were used to treat larger batches of weed.  These were desk vaporizers.  Some people still have them.  They sometimes allowed one to make large balloons full of potent weed vapor, then simply inhale it.  Many desk vaporizers, however, were not made to treat hash.

Users have generally moved on to small, portable, pen-type vaporizers.  Some of these will treat herbal marijuana and produce clean vapor.  Some will treat different types of weed preparations and a few will treat hash and other weed concentrates so be sure to get one that can create vapor from the hash.

Smoke Hash In A Pipe Or Bong

One of the most strong and intense highs that hash provides comes from smoking hash through a pipe. Anybody who is new to marijuana and getting high shouldn’t try this because it’s for the stoner veterans who can handle a strong and potent smoke/high. Also said to be the most healthy way to smoke because pipes and bongs block those unhealthy, harmful, toxins and other carcinogens. Choosing your way to fill the bowl either entirely hash or a mix of flower at the bottom and hash on top. Ratios and options are endless with the creative mixture of hash in pipes or bongs.

Which Method Is Right For You?

After reading all these different ways to get medicated, we are now leaving it up to you as the consumer to decide which option is most suitable for your wants and needs. Using your own judgement, choose which method is best fit for your wants and needs. Deciding the method could be difficult at times if over-thought. Simply decide what your primary use is going to be. If it’s going to be a special thing that you only have on special occasions by yourself. Perhaps you want to celebrate a friend’s birthday, then we suggest rolling a joint or blunt and fill it with pot and hash.