How To Buy Weed Online In Canada / Mail Order Marijuana In Canada

The day that cannabis became legal in Canada, was very confusing and underwhelming.

The dispensary I used to be a member at, had closed.

My province, BC Bud loving British Columbia, opened one government store, in Kamloops.

I saw on the news that stores all across the country were selling out of product.

Do I go to my regular “guy”?

I went online to try Buying Weed Online. But how do I buy weed online in Canada?

I had never ordered from a “MOM Online Dispensary” (Mail Order Marijuana) before.

The choices were overwhelming!

I had so many questions:

But mostly…

Who has what? And how much is it?

As I navigated the world of Canadian online cannabis dispensaries, the first thing I noticed was the quantity, there are hundreds!

Each supplier having their greatest strength and reasons why potential members might choose them for their needs, over many others out there.

Maybe you specifically want CBD capsules, bulk flowers, trim, shatter, budder, pre-rolls or even a tincture for your pet. There are so many MOM’s out there, how do I find what I am looking for?

How much do I need to order for free shipping?

How long will it take to arrive?

And most importantly for me, who has the WEED DEALS?!

And not just deals but the deals that are right from me…

I love ordering mail order marijuana from the comfort of my own home.

Delivered right to my front door in a matter of days.

MOM dispensaries are the GAME CHANGER of legalization.

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MOMS are Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries Online Cannabis Dispensaries. provides safe, fast, legal access to medical cannabis and responsible access to recreational marijuana for adults. By providing a platform for Cannabis Consumer to be able to shop for cannabis products and suppliers online with ease.

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How To Buy Weed Online In Canada?

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