As cannabis gains widespread adoption following its legalization in Canada, edibles and concentrates are emerging as some of the most cannabis products in the market and online. Researchers are now linking Cannabis for pain medications.

The Canadian Cannabis study of 2019 conducted by Canadian firm Vividata polled over 5000 Canadians across Canada. The study found that 28% of the participants were less likely to take other medications for pain as long as they were consuming cannabis. Only 4% of the participants said they would use other pain medications. Of the participants, 19% said that they were not likely to consume alcohol as long as they were consuming cannabis. 7% of the participants said they were more likely to use alcohol alongside cannabis.

marijuana and pain medication

According to the director of Vividata, Rahul Sethi, the study found out there was a decrease in the usage of prescription and over the counter pain medications. The reason cannabis consumers don’t see the need for extra pain relievers is because CBD in the cannabis plant treats pain. Further, Rahul said there was a likelihood of a sharp increase in demand for medical cannabis.

Rahul also noted that the trend extends to alcohol consumption. Which has for long been used as a painkiller. Consumers are already drinking less alcohol when they are on cannabis, as per the research findings that showed that 19% of consumers are likely to cut alcohol consumption.

Not surprisingly, legalization is also giving a boost to the fast food industry, with 30% of people likely to consume more salty snacks after cannabis, and 28% more into sweet treats.

Seth is optimistic that the legalization of cannabis will continue with these trends, creating new foods and beverages to go with cannabis. “Brands are refocusing their energy and resources on new foods,” he said.

Ultimately, people are seeking out more information, for themselves and their doctors, so they can make informed choices about the medicine that is best for them, Sethi said.

Cannabis and Pain

Pain is the alarm of disease, the symptom that announces that all is not right with our bodies. Whether due to accident or illness, it is the most common reason that people seek medical assistance. But because pain has many causes, some of which are poorly understood, it is often a bothersome problem to treat. There are no truly effective medicines for certain types of pain, and sometimes relief comes only at the expense of debilitating side effects. Thus, the search for new and better pain relievers, perhaps the oldest form of medicine, constantly continues.