Dank Delivery

Dank Delivery is an online virtual marijuana dispensary with the mission of providing the most professional, Safe-Access and lab-tested marijuana products to consumers across Canada.

They want to thank all of their current consumers for their continuous support of their mail order service. They believe the success of their mission as a mail order company is due their superior Management Team, Customer Support and their consistent range of top-quality cannabis at affordable prices.

They are grateful for the opportunity to serve consumers across Canada with the finest care, and most secure online Private transaction system.


Email Address:  support@tastythc.ca

Delivery From:  Vancouver, BC

Minimum Purchase Amount: Free shipping on orders over $200

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I’ve ordered from here a few times no complaints good choices and good service highly recommended 👍

11 months ago

Ordered from them twice, first time was fast and decent quality. Second time was abit slower but they gave me extra to apologize. Friend placed an order and took almost two weeks and they never took money or sent product so he canceled. Not sure how to feel about this one lol

11 months ago

I am sooo happy I found this site!! I have nothing but hi praise for this company. Your products are amazing and the price is perfect for me. I didnt wait long for my order so that impressed me. Ive mentioned this product (dank delivery) to my family and friends. Also any issues you have they are quick to sort it out. I will continue to order from this company for all my needs. Again Thank you for always being helpful and attentive to me!!

11 months ago

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