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Inhalation, oral, and topical are the three basic delivery methods. Under this umbrella, methods are various techniques that serve unique functions, each appropriate for different occasions.

Smoking Devices

There is a wide array of devices at their disposal, including hand pipes, water pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, and homemade one-time use devices. These devices provide different experiences and influence the grade of smoke inhaled.

Hand Pipes

These devices are the most common smoking device nowadays and preferred due to their convenience use. these devices are simple to use and small in size.

Hand pipes are made into artistic expressions and available in various creative shapes and styles according to their functionality and decoration.

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Water Pipes & Bongs

Water pipes have little bit different variations, but not limited to bubbles and bongs. Similar like hand pipes they have a lot of variety and size and design but increase in elegance by incorporating water.

The health benefits by using the water are still under debate. Water cools down the smoke but its still unclear that its act as a filter for injurious particles.

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Rolling Papers

These are used to consume the joints and blunts. Joints are cannabis which is rolled in a paper their compositions vary across and the assortment of plants including but not limited to bamboo, rice and hemp. However blunt consumers prefer the effects of nicotine and cannabis as well as flavour. But the but medical risks increases the consumer who linked to nicotine.

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This is the most common method of consuming cannabis and related with smoking shisha, which is the American term for wet tobacco. The hookahs are rarely used for smoking cannabis because the plant burns faster than its haling due to low water content which results in wasting the herbs and acrid taste. To solve this issue the cannabis is sandwiched between tobacco which has the same health concerns as blunts. Although, multiple people can smoke hookah at the same time, substantially changing the smoking experience.   

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Homemade One-Time Use Devices

Due to simplicity, the pipe is the most common homemade device and skilled crafters have taken on water pipe designs as well. Health effects by using pips are equally variables its depend on the method and material.


A vaporizer steadily heats herbs to a temperature that is high enough to extract, CBD, THC and other cannabinoids, but the temperatures are too low for the potentially harmful toxins that are released during combustion. Vaporizers are the logical choice for moderate to experienced and/or health-conscious cannabis consumers. vaporization lower the health risks associated with smoking. This improvement comes with an equally significant reduction in odour, which is generally the first acknowledgement of first-time vaporizer users.

Dabbing is the younger delivery method that is a point of conflict amongst the cannabis community and attentive policymakers.  Dabbing is a form of vaporization in which potent cannabis concentrates are dropped on a heated nail, creating vapour that is trapped in a glass globe and inhaled. Although there are obvious health benefits associated with clean concentrates over the combustible flower, concerns arise from dabbing’s image and the intense effects of high-THC extracts.

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Concentrate is is a technique by using cannabis and rapidly growing doe several years. If you don’t know about concentrate and not tried yet then you are especially for a treat. but one thing must remember concentrate have 95percent in total cannabis which means it is much stronger than flowers. The best advice for consuming concentrates is to start small similar like edibles. By using too much concentrates will lead to unpleasant effects. Although most people prefer concentrates over flower because of its less severe for throat and lungs

There are several ways to consume concentrates, which will produce great effects if done correctly

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Oral Delivery Methods

In oral delivery methods, all techniques are managed through the mouth including tinctures, infused food/drinks and ingestible oils. Mostly we assume before entering the bloodstream the oral delivery pass through the digestive tract. Tinctures are administered through the mouth, unlike edibles or drinks, they are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. If marijuana is consumed in foods or beverages, these effects are usually delayed 30 minutes  to one hour because the first it passes through the digestive system. Eating or drinking marijuana delivers significantly less THC into the bloodstream than smoking an equivalent amount of the plant. Because of the delayed effects, people may inadvertently consume more THC than they intend to


Tinctures are the liquid form of cannabis. Tinctures are used by consumers for fast effects and dosage control without risks of health which associated with smoking. Mostly alcohol is used as the solvent but there are some other liquid solvents which can be used as well like glycerol and vinegar.  Usually, tinctures drops are placed under the tongue(three or four drops approx). when liquid drops are ingested they rapidly absorb in an empty stomach but its take time to process through the liver, it reduces the dosage control.

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Ingestible oils is a medium between edibles and concentrate: they are swallowed and digested like an infused product, but often have the consistency of oil. These oils can put easily-ingested capsules or can be eaten. The Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), which is so popular originated in 2003 when Simpson used concentrated cannabis to treat his skin cancer. RSO is made by extracting the therapeutic compounds of cannabis with alcohol and then evaporating the solvent, leaving behind a tar-like substance resembling oil.

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Foods that contains cannabis are called edibles. Cannabis which are eaten or drinking provides substantially different effects from delivery methods that immediately enters the bloodstream like vaping or smoking. This product cause long term and powerful psychoactive effects on the body

Infused food and drinks can be made with different ways its depend on the type of the dish. Mostly, a staple infused ingredient high in fat — like butter or olive oil are used for infusing edibles which enable extraction of the plant’s therapeutic properties. for dosage control and simplicity, tinctures are added in the dishes. usually, cooking with cannabis flower can be difficult because of the complication associated with cannabinoid activation (including sensitive heating temperatures and times, and sufficient solvent fat). However, as the prevalence of cannabis grows, so does the presence of flower in the kitchen.

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Topical Delivery Methods


Topical made possible by legal cannabis markets. Topical has many forms like lotions, balms, oils, creams, bath bombs, salves, and much more. It works a little bit differently than other cannabis products because it doesn’t consume high as other cannabis products. Topical is used to mitigate various infirmities and work well to provide long-lasting relief to those in need.

Topical are the best for Those whose don’t want psychoactive effects or any smoke. It is also suitable for consumers needing a clear head and localized relief (for example, muscle aches or soreness). Topical allow the consumers to take al beneficial v=cannabinoids and relieving qualities of cannabis without catching a buzz.

Topical effects differ from other medicating methods in that they don’t provide the cerebral stimulation that users describe as “being high.” topical cannabis utilizes full cannabis extract it is a thick oil that has been decarboxylated to activate cannabinoids. Once if cannabinoids are activated, they can be absorbed through your skin.

Dermal and Transdermal are two different types of topicals.

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