Today we’re excited to introduce one of the best cannabis-based vape makers in the market: Herbosi.

P.S they have stellar Honey Oil too!

In today’s world, at least in Canada, being able to smoke your favorite marijuana in more public places is a new experience for many 420 consumers. And for those that want to remain a little more discreet while smoking are going to need a clean, sleek vape.

That’s where Herbosi helps.

The Story Behind Herbosi

smoking marijuana by vaping

It’s not often you come across such a heartfelt story as the one Tony Herbosi tells about how his cannabis vaping systems came to be.

Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a community that prides itself for its high-quality distilled cannabis oils and other fine concentrated products, Tony Herbosi developed a love for all things cannabis. In fact, he dedicated his life to learning how to extract and distill high-quality oil products, just like so many others in his town did in the past.

By 1994, Tony was ready to pack up and move west to British Columbia with the intentions of mastering his line of cannabis products. Eventually, with a lot of experimentation, persistence, and hard work, Tony eventually produced what is now known as “…the finest quality Honey Oil that had ever been tasted on the West Coast of Canada.”

But he didn’t stop there.

By the early 2000s, Tony realized that the makers of tobacco-based electronic cigarettes were on to something big.

“And thus the idea for “the gram you never touch” was born.”

With the same grit and determination Tony put into his cannabis oil products for all those years, he set out to develop the very first cannabis-based vape pen so people could enjoying consuming marijuana in a different way.

Taking over a decade to perfect his device, and ensure a system that was worthy of his high-quality cannabis products, Tony was ready to release “…the first fully functioning, high performance Cannabis Oil delivery system” in 2013.

By 2015, “Herbosi” was officially branded as your one-stop shop for finding “…the best Cannabis electronic cigarette ever brought to market.”

What Makes Herbosi Unique?

Many things set Herbosi apart from others, even in this increasingly competitive cannabis landscape.

Exceptional Quality

All Herbosi Honey Oil vape cartridges are carefully extracted to preserve the clean, natural profile of each selected strain. Only then are flavors added to enhance the natural taste of each strain.

Enjoy strains and flavors such as:

  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • White Widow
  • Grapefruit-Sativa
  • Lemon Haze-Sativa
  • Kushberry-Indica
  • NY-Diesel Indica
honey oil

The Delta 9 THC concentrate used is very pure, making for a thick – what feels like an endless cartridge – of smooth high THC and effects. With a high level of care from start to finish, Herbosi “…delivers a cleaner, tastier and more pleasurable vaping experience” that guarantees outstanding flavor, taste, and a pristine terpene profile.

Careful Extraction

Herbosi maintains the natural terpene profile of all its strains. Plus, there are no additional commercial terpenes added. By preserving the original properties of its cannabis, Herbosi delivers extracts with a higher percentage of Delta 9 THC than other dispensaries in the market. And since Delta 9 THC is the most potent form available, this means you get super high every time, without ever sacrificing quality or taste.

Perfection in a Package

Smoking weed is not always practical or convenient, and the team behind Herbosi knows this. That’s why these exclusive vape pens are designed to go anywhere you need to go.

They are compact, clean, and so simple to use even novice marijuana users can handle them. Not to mention, the sleek design makes keeping your marijuana consumption a secret if need be easy to do, no matter where you are.

Each cartridge comes with:

  • 1 gram of pure Delta 9 THC
  • Over 175 doses of 89% THC
  • 1.2ml of cannabis Honey Oil
  • Your choice of strain

With over 375,000 sold since 2015, it’s no wonder vapers run to Herbosi for their vaping and Honey Oil needs.

Herbosi Cares

One of the most notable things about Herbosi is its dedication to giving back to those in need. Sure, the weed industry is set to generate a lot of revenue for weed dispensaries throughout all of Canada. But Herbosi truly believes in the healing power of cannabis and wants to make sure that financial hardship doesn’t get in the way of those in dire need.

As part of their Herbosi Cares program, the team behind Herbosi gives out free monthly supplies of their product to those in need. All you have to do is apply and get chosen for that month, and you’ll receive products from Herbosi – completely free of charge.

Do you have a medical marijuana prescription but can’t afford your cannabis medication? Apply to the Herbosi Cares program for your chances to get some free cannabis products by one of the highest quality weed dispensaries in Canada when it comes to Honey Oil and vaping systems.  

You can tell a lot of love has gone into the creation of the Herbosi products. From the time spent on perfecting the extraction process, to developing a high-class vaping system, to giving back to the community that has supported them from beginning, Tony Herbosi and his team are a cut above the rest.

Want in on some of the Herbosi products or vaping systems? Hop on over to and check this MOM approved dispensary. We make it easy to find the weed dispensaries you’re looking for, as well as buy the products they have available for 420 consumers, so you can easily buy your weed online.