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If you are a semi-regular marijuana user, learning how to roll a joint is a necessity. It is cannabis 101! Besides, you will annoy your friends if you keep begging them to do it for you. Joint rolling is also rather easy and quick when you know what to do. In this quick guide, we provide you with 8 steps to rolling the perfect joint.

Choosing the Type of Joint

You can choose from numerous joint ‘styles.’ Here are a few of the best-known with brief descriptions:

  • Standard: This the style we outline below. It involves sprinkling the flower into some gum-side up rolling papers.
  • Pinner: A thin joint where users often look to disperse the herb evenly. You typically roll a pinner when you are running low on supply.
  • Tulip: This classic joint involves creating a large ‘cherry’ that ensures your masterpiece resembles a tulip.
  • The Cross: Those who have watched Pineapple Express know how to roll one of these! It is a crucifix-shaped roll-up that looks exceptionally cool.
  • The Fatty: This option seems like a blunt without the need for tobacco wraps. The Fatty, as the name suggests, is HUGE and filled with the herb.
  • The XXL: A gargantuan joint reserved for special occasions. It takes a LOT of time and herb to get this one right.
  • Cone: As the name suggests, this is a conical shaped joint. It begins thin and straight but gets wider as the cone increases in length. You need to include a filter to prevent the weed from falling out.

The Ingredients

Before you get started, make sure that you have all your supplies. When it comes to rolling joints, it is very much a case of ‘buy cheap, pay twice.’ Invest in quality now and reap the rewards later. Crucial supplies include:

Grind & Add Filter

Ideally, you have well-dried marijuana, as it makes the grinding process more straightforward. You can use your hands, but a grinder stops them from sticking to the rolling paper. Well-ground weed is also less likely to give you a coughing fit. Alternatives include scissors if you don’t have a grinder available.

You can create a filter from all manner of materials, including thin cardboard. Remember that irritating guy who handed you his business card? Finally, it comes in handy! Begin by adding a few folds that resemble an accordion. Next, roll the material to the thickness of the joint. You don’t strictly need a crutch, but it keeps the joint stable, prevents weed sprinkling out, and stops your lips from hurting!

This is subjective, but we prefer to let the tip (aka the crutch) stick out of the rolling paper’s end, as shown.

Arrange the Bud & Pack the Joint

This depends on if you want to roll a pinner joint or a cone. For a pinner joint, place the bud evenly throughout the joint. The end of the joint should contain slightly more bud, but don’t overdo it. For a cone, put the bud in a conical shape. You want it nice and fat! In general, aim for up to 0.5 grams per joint for a typical joint, and go bigger if you want a juicy cone.

Roll the Paper

This will come with practice. The idea is to move the paper back and forth between your fingers, shaping it into a pinner joint or a cone. You want to condense the bud, but not squash it. Try to keep the shape that you’re looking for.

Tuck, Lick, & Stick

This part will determine how fast the joint burns. The idea is to start from the crutch, focusing on eliminating all slack in the rolling paper. Your hand should tuck the first part of the paper (from the crutch) and slowly slide towards the end, tucking in the rest. You might need to pull the end of the paper to eliminate any lines. Once you tuck the entire roll, keep rolling. Now it’s time to lick the glue strip and stick it all together.

Some find it easier to lick the glue on the first half close to the crutch and then move on to the other half. Some lick the whole strip and stick it all at once.

Lock Down the Crutch

Have you noticed that in the movies, they bang the joint on the table before smoking it? The idea is to give the crutch a little tap to connect it to the cannabis. After that, you can lick around the crutch to make it stick.

Pack the Tip

To smoke the perfect joint, you need to put in extra effort and make sure it is nicely packed. You don’t want too much air, or else it will not burn evenly. There are a few different techniques for this. The Twist & Seal method is one of the most commonly used. Once you pack the herb, give the tip a twist to seal and keep the flower inside.


Cannabis concentrates have soared in popularity in recent years. They offer an extremely potent way to consume marijuana and come in a variety of forms.

The high demand for concentrates has led many people to consider making their own at home. The major downside to this is that most forms of concentrate require the use of solvents, such as ethanol or butane, to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.

These solvents can be extremely dangerous when mishandled. They can also cause contamination of the end product if they are not fully evaporated after extraction. So, what if you want to make cannabis concentrates without the risk?

Fortunately, it is entirely possible to make concentrates such as hash without using solvents at all. The process is not only safe but also reasonably straightforward providing you have a few basic pieces of equipment to hand.

Here are three ways to make hash without using solvents:

Dry sift is probably one of the simplest ways of making hash there is. It requires very little in the way of skill, and you only need a few basic items to make your own high-quality hashish.

The dry sift technique uses friction to separate trichomes from your plant material. Trichomes are the resin-producing glands that cover the buds of the female marijuana plant and are laden with cannabinoids and terpenes. When these are separated from the plant matter, they form a dusty substance known as kief.
This can then be pressed into balls or blocks to produce a form of hash which is exceptionally pure. Dry sift hash is said to have a great flavor as well as a high cannabinoid content. Here is what you need to make your own:
• Dried and cured cannabis bud or trim
• A set of micron screens
• A plastic card or scraper (an old credit card will do)
• Disposable gloves

How to Make Dry Sift

First, you need to set up your micron screens. These are made of fine mesh, with the diameter of the holes indicated by the micron count. The screens with the largest holes have a higher micron count. A set of dry sift screens usually contains 4–6 screens starting with a micron count of at least 200 and going all the way down to 60.

Stack your screens in ascending order so the one with the lowest micron count is on the bottom and the one with the highest micron count is on top.
Wear your gloves to avoid getting sticky hands and put your plant material on the top screen. It is a good idea to break large buds up into smaller pieces to make them easier to handle.

Rub your buds or trim back and forth across the screen for a few minutes. Try to use smooth, steady movements and do not apply to much pressure. You want to create friction to break off the trichomes, not push the plant material through the screen.
After doing this for a few minutes, lift the top screen off the stack. You should find a layer of kief collected on the next screen down. This can be smoked as it is, but for a purer product, you will want to separate it further.

Use your plastic card or scraper to gently move the kief back and forth across the second screen for a few more minutes.

When you lift this screen, you should find another layer of kief collected below. This will be purer and of higher quality than the previous layer.
Keep repeating the process for each screen in the stack. By the time you get to the bottom screen, you will have a product which is extremely potent and pure.
Use your scraper to transfer the kief from each screen into clean glass jars. You can keep the different grades of kief separate or try mixing them together. Although a mixed product will be less pure, it may contain a better mix of terpenes for improved flavor.

You can use your dry sift as it is by sprinkling into a joint, vape, bowl, or bong. Alternatively, you can fold the kief carefully in a piece of baking parchment and apply heat (a set of hair straighteners is ideal for this job). This will press your dry sift into a block of hash that is easier to handle than the powder itself.

The idea behind bubble hash (also known as water hash or ice hash) is similar to that of dry sift. It uses friction to separate trichomes from plant material, but rather than dry screens, bubble hash uses bags which are filled with water and ice. To make bubble hash at home, you will need:

  • Marijuana bud or trim (fresh or dried)
  • A set of micron ‘bubble bags’
  • 2 x 5-gallon buckets
  • A mixing tool
  • Ice
  • Water
  • A plastic card or scraper

How to Make Bubble Hash

It is possible to make bubble hash using dried or fresh plant material. If using fresh, place your buds in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before starting to make the trichomes more brittle.

Set up your micron bags in one of the buckets. Like the process for making dry sift, you want the bag with the lowest micron count on the bottom and the one with the highest micron count on top. Fold the tops of the bags over the bucket to secure them.

Fill the top bag with layers of ice and plant material. The more ice you use, the better.

Pour in enough water to cover the plant material and ice.

Stir the mixture vigorously. You can do this manually using a stick, although this is very labor-intensive. Some people use a hand mixer or a household drill with a paddle attachment. You can also purchase a machine to do the hard work for you!

After stirring for 10–15 minutes, lift out the top bag and squeeze the plant material to remove the liquid. Set this aside in your second bucket.

When you lift out the remaining bags, you should find a layer of trichomes collected on the bottom of each. Scrape these off using your plastic card and set them on the screen that came with your micron bags to dry. Again, the product that you collect from the bottom bag will be the highest quality. You can keep each grade of hash separate or mix them together if you prefer.

Repeat the process if necessary, to maximize your yield.

Once dried, scrape your bubble hash into clean glass jars to store. Use it as is or form into blocks using the method listed for dry sift.


Charas is one of the most traditional ways of making hash without solvents. It is popular in Northern India, Nepal, and Pakistan, and all you need to make it is some weed and your hands. For this reason, charas is sometimes also known as finger hash.

Although the process of making charas is simple, it can be both time-consuming and messy. However, it produces a potent product and is fun to try at least once. To make charas, you will need:

  • Fresh marijuana flower (it is best to use bud which is 2–3 weeks away from being mature)
  • Strong dish soap and vegetable oil for cleaning your hands

How to Make Charas
Before starting to make charas, ensure that your hands are really clean. Use unscented soap and rinse thoroughly.

Select a medium-sized bud with a piece of stem still attached for support.

Squeeze lightly and roll the bud gently and slowly between your hands. The more slowly you roll, the higher quality your end product will be, so be patient.

After a few minutes, you will notice a build-up of resin on your palms. When you have collected as much resin as possible, discard the bud.

Continue to rub your hands together so that the resin begins to form a stick or a ball.

Store charas in an airtight container and clean your hands using a mixture of dish soap and oil.

Charas is traditionally smoked in a clay pipe called a chillum. However, you can add a thin strand to joints or spliffs, or use in a bowl, bong, vape, or dab rig.

The Best Strains for Making Hash

To make the best quality hash, you will want to choose a strain that produces large amounts of resin. Indica strains are better for this, although there are exceptions to the rule.

Some of the best strains for making hash include:

Look for a plant that has plenty of sparkly trichomes covering its buds, and you should be onto a winner.

3 Ways to Make Hash WITHOUT Using Solvents: Final Thoughts

If you want to try making cannabis concentrates but don’t like the idea of using solvents, there are plenty of options available. The above are just a few ways to make hash without endangering your health.

Remember that these products are much more potent than regular cannabis flower and should, therefore, be used with caution. If you are new to weed or have low tolerance, take it slow and don’t consume more than you can handle. Always use your cannabis concentrates responsibly for maximum enjoyment!


Cannabis budder is an extract that has a creamy and buttery consistency. This kind of concentrate has a range of terpenes in it, and it is becoming more popular among both medicinal and recreational users. You can vape, smoke, or dab budder, and it is also a good component for edibles. With such a wide range of uses, it is a good idea to know how to make your own budder.

What Is Cannabis Budder?

Weed budder is a concentrate that has more moisture in it than wax does. The consistency is oily and malleable since it was made with a solvent. Then, the material is heated at lower temperatures before being whipped by hand. That will get rid of the solvent. This is the same technique that you would use in order to make cannabis wax, but the finished product will depend on the technique and the finishing time. Since you whip weed budder less than wax, the consistency is moister and softer.

Making Your Own Weed Budder

There are two main methods of making cannabis budder. With the first one, you will not use a solvent. This is the best method when you are making your own at home. But if you wanted to make a concentrate using a solvent, you would want to do it outdoors, so you could avoid any explosions or burns.

This is the best method for working on your extract in your own home. The first step is to choose a rosin method to create the budder in your home. To make the concentrate, you should start with parchment paper, a hair straightener, and your green bud. Although budder is also known as whipped rosin because of the similarities in the techniques, you will end up whipping the rosin more, so the texture is creamier.

To start, you will plug in the hair straightener and put the bud between a few layers of parchment paper. Before squeezing the parchment paper, wait until your hair straightener is fully heated. When you squeeze the layers of paper with the straightener, be patient until the rosin comes fully out of the bud. Then, remove the plant material and collect the rosin. Next, you can start whipping the rosin to make budder. You want it to be light and creamy, so you should avoid whipping it for too long. You do not want to end up with a wax instead.

Make sure that you look up your local laws to make sure that it is legal to do this potentially hazardous process. It is important to go outside when you are making a budder with solvent. This method will need extremely flammable solvents, and you do not want to do this near your house. Make sure that no open flames are used when you make the budder since it is too dangerous.

Usually, an extraction with solvent will be done with butane, but you can also use propane, CO2, and alcohol. Propane is often the best choice to make budder since it is not as dangerous but can still give you a potent extract.

To make the budder, get some canisters of propane or another solvent as well as some extraction tubes. You also need to have parchment paper, a heating pad, uncut cannabis, a glass bowl, and another container.

Step by Step Cannabis Budder

First, you will fill your extraction tube with your buds or fresh trim. But make sure that you do not add too much to begin with. The butane and propane will need to have enough space, so they can drip through the plant. You should not work with flammable components while under pressure. Once the exaction tube is filled, you should put it over the glass bowl. Now, take the nozzle of the solvent container and put it on the top of the tube and attach it to the hole.
Next, you can release the substance and let it start to drip through the plant material to the glass bowl. It might take around 10 to 15 minutes before the solvent will get to the bowl. Now, heat some water and put it in another glass container. Slowly move the glass bowl to the larger one, so the solvent starts to evaporate. It boils at a fairly low temperature.
Take the heating pad and turn it on. Place the parchment paper with the cannabis extract on it on the heating pad. This will help to remove the remaining solvent or other chemicals from the extract. It will eventually become translucent. Remember that the clearer it becomes; the fewer chemicals will be in the budder. Also, remember not to heat it too hot. That can ruin the taste of it. Plus, you might end up removing the terpenes from the product.
At the end of the process, you can collect the budder and put it in another container. You should make sure that this container is non-stick. It is also a good idea to keep it in parchment paper since the budder can tend to be on the sticky side. if you can make your own concentrates, you will likely enjoy the fact that they are so potent and have such a rich flavor. The good news is that many dispensaries also sell concentrates like budder if you can’t or don’t want to make your own.

Using Budder

Many people like to dab their budder since it is very potent. You can also put it in a vaporizer, so it does not get too hot. You can also get a bubbler or a bong to use the concentrate.


Because cannabis is becoming more legalized in different areas, cannabis products are becoming more mainstream. There is a nearly endless array of edibles to choose from besides the traditional marijuana brownie. In fact, nearly every one of your favorite types of foods can be turned into a cannabis edible with the right technique. It is fun and easy to make your own edibles, and if you want to try to make your own, having some recipes of your own can be helpful.

What Are Marijuana Edibles?

This is any type of food that has been infused with CBD, THC, or other components of the cannabis plant. They are a good option if you do not want to smoke marijuana but enjoy it every now and then. You can get them as cookies, brownies, tea, and even hot sauce. When you make your own at home, you can choose how potent you want them to be.

Making Cannabis Oil

You should begin with a basic ingredient infused with cannabis. CBD and THC are soluble in fat, so your body can use them better if they are dissolved in fats. Baking often uses a lot of oil or butter, and both of them can be easily infused with marijuana. But you can also infuse honey and coconut oil with fats to make your edibles.

Infused Honey

This is a good addition to hot beverages such as tea or even naturally flavored hot chocolate. You can drizzle it over some sweets or eat it by itself. You will need honey, a cheesecloth, cannabis, and a stovetop or a slow cooker. It can be somewhat messy, but once it solidifies and cools, you can keep it for a couple of months.

Making Desserts

When you think of baking with marijuana, one of the first things that comes to mind might be a brownie. There is a reason that cannabis brownies are so popular. The chocolate, rich taste can often hide the unpleasant taste of the ingredients. You can use a recipe to make them from scratch, find a box mix, or even buy them at a store. Use cannabis-infused butter or oil for the brownies.

Peanut Butter Cookies

This is another classic baked good that you can infuse with cannabis. It is simple because it only has peanut butter, flour, sugar, cannabutter, and eggs. Of course, you can also add some ingredients of your choice to any cookies that you make. For example, you could make a salty and sweet version by adding some bacon bits to them.

Making Gummies

You might be surprised to learn that it is easy to make your own gummies at home. If you do not like baked goods or you want something that is easy to transport while you are on the go, you can make some homemade gummies yourself.
You can find a basic recipe to get started and add a cannabis tincture to it. The gelatin and creamed honey are what make the gummies sturdy enough. You should also look for some molds that you can use to drop the mixture in while it sets. An eyedropper can be helpful for placing the mixture in each of the molds neatly. It is easy to change up the recipe to make your preferred shape and flavor.

Making Cannabis Drinks

Remember that marijuana is soluble in fat, not water, so it will bind better to oil and butter than water. But you can still infuse drinks. Just infuse some oil, butter, or even honey. You can also add some drops of your favorite tincture to a beverage.


Once you have made your edibles, you should store them correctly. The cooked or baked goods that you make are like many others, and they will have the same storage life that regular food will. To keep them fresh, keep them in an airtight container or bag to preserve their taste. You can put baked goods in the fridge or even the freezer to make them last longer.


Dabs are a very concentrated form of cannabis, usually ranging from 70% to 99% THC. They are manufactured using solvents like carbon dioxide or butane to extract cannabinoids from flower and sugar leaf. The resulting concentrates go by many different names, depending on their consistency, including shatter, wax, and BHO. These concentrates are usually smoked by heating them on a hot surface, usually called a nail, and then inhaling the resulting vapor through a dab rig, much like taking a hit from a bong.

Most novice smokers and casual marijuana users find dabbing too strong for their tolerance; but for many medical marijuana users, dabbing offers significant symptom relief to patients that have an unusually high tolerance for THC.

How Strong Are Dabs Compared to Smoking Flower?

Marijuana flower generally contains about 15% to 25% THC. In can be smoked or vaporized and results in a mild high that usually lasts around 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Dabs are concentrated marijuana extracts that can come in many forms, including:

  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • Wax, or
  • Oil.

Dabs are generally about 70% to 90% THC, and not recommended for the novice user at all. They produce a very potent high that comes on strong and fast and peaks over the course of a half hour to 45 minutes. People have been known to pass out or get “couch lock” when they dab the first few times.

How to Dab with A Dab Rig

There are many different ways to dab, but the most common is to use a dab rig. Dabbing with a basic rig is a three-step process:

1) Get your concentrate ready.
2) Heat your nail.
3) Apply the concentrate to the nail and inhale.

You should dab from a rig ONLY if you have a fairly high tolerance AND know what you’re doing. If you have no clue, find someone who does—seriously. For many, a single hit from a monster rig is equivalent to smoking an entire blunt in one sitting.
But what is this “dab rig”? Below, you see a custom rig in-action with the use of a blowtorch. The picture displays the four main components of atypical dab rig: oil rig, torch, nail, and wand (also known as a dabber tool).

Apply just a tiny amount of marijuana concentrate directly onto your dab tool (wand).The amount that you scoop onto the tool, whether it’s shatter, wax, crumble or oil, will directly affect how high you get. So, if it’s your first time, use a very small amount, like the size of a head of a pin. You’ll be surprised at the potency.
Next, you’ll turn on your blow torch and heat the nail so that the flame is directly applied to the nail. It will become red hot after a few seconds. Most people recommend you wait about 8 to 10 seconds before moving on to the next step, just to let the nail cool a little. Be sure to turn off your blow torch BEFORE you inhale. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TORCH ON.
Touch your small, very small piece of concentrate against the nail and inhale very, very slowly. Rotate the nail as you inhale so you don’t waste any of your concentrate. Don’t go too fast because the size of the rig affects how much the vapor cools before it hits your lungs. You don’t want to inhale the vapor while it’s too hot because you could hurt your lungs. You’ll be able to adjust your pull once you have a feel for your rig.

Make sure you don’t use too much concentrate for a single hit and please sit down before you inhale. Again, this hits very fast and can take the user by surprise. People have been known to pass out from a dab hit, so it’s absolutely essential that you have someone with you the first few times you dab. You need to sit in a safe place with no sharp corners that could hurt you, and make sure that your blowtorch is OFF before you inhale.

Other Ways to Dab Cannabis

Now that you know how to dab using a dab rig, here are three other methods for dabbing concentrates. The method you use is a matter of personal preference. You may find that you prefer one method over another because it’s easier or more convenient, or because its action is a little mellower than using a rig. Whichever method you choose, remember to start low and go slow if you’re a first-time user.

And most importantly, safety first. Remember:

  • Don’t use concentrates from untested sources. Untested concentrates can contain dangerous contaminants.
  • Find a buddy to help if you’re a first-time user
  • Always sit down first
  • Never leave your torch on
  • Use a small amount and wait before taking more.
An electric nail and dab rig. Electric nails replace the blow torch traditionally used with a dab rig.

If using a blowtorch to get high is too maniacal for you, then the electric nail is the way to go. The process is similar to your typical dab rig, except instead of blow-torching the “nail,” it’s already plugged into a separate power source!

This means you have full control over the temperature (which helps ensure that you’re vaporizing your concentrates instead of combusting) and you’ll never have to worry about third-degree torch burns.

A health stone is essentially a porous rock that slips into your bowl-piece. Unlike using a nail or e-nail, this method requires you to place your marijuana concentrate directly onto the health stone. You don’t even need a dab tool!

However, you’re still going to need that scary blowtorch. The great thing about this dabbing method is that you don’t need to use densely packed marijuana concentrates like shatter. Shatter is best used for dabbing with a rig & nail because it sticks easily to your dab tool; but dabbing with a health stone allows you to explore other cannabis concentrates like hash or crumble!

You don’t need any fancy devices to consume super-potent cannabis—it’s really as simple as mixing the concentrate of your choice with some dry herb. Admittedly, the quality of the hit is sub-par compared to an oil rig or dab pen, and you just don’t get as high.

That being said; adding concentrates to flower is a great way to enhance you’re smoking experience, just be warned it might not be the best bang for your buck. Note that when smoked alongside flowers, concentrates like shatter, crumble, wax or oil often burn slower, so you’ll need to puff more when you take a hit.

There are many other ways to dab not mentioned in this guide, but these methods are most commonly used, and should be a great starting point for anyone new to the dabbing game. It really is all a matter of preference.

And don’t forget, once you decide on how you want to dab, you need to decide what type of cannabis concentrate you want to dab with.


If you’re new to cannabis or just new to bongs, smoking out of one for the first time can be intimidating. Obviously, you don’t want to look like a noob. Using a waterpipe (the pc code word for bong), results in a cool, smooth smoke and some say nothing gets you higher than a huge bong rip.
Here’s our easy step-by-step guide to smoking a bong:

Fill your bong chamber with water. 

You’ll want to add enough water to the bong chamber to cover the bottom of the stem. This is easy to see in transparent bongs. The water should cover at least 3-4cm of the stem. You can use plain tap water if you want or you can get all experimental and fill your bong with ice water, juice, fruit water… whatever floats your boat.

Pack the bowl with cannabis. 

Grind or tear up your weed into small pieces and insert it into the bowl. You can take the stem out of the bong if it makes it easier.

Light it up. 

With the stem replaced, place your mouth over the opening, light the cannabis and inhale to fill the chamber with as much smoke as your feel comfortable inhaling. If your bong as a carb hole in the base, make sure this is covered.


Remove the stem or release the carb hole while inhaling to take a huge hit of accumulated smoke!

To avoid nasty water and build-up, always empty, rinse and air dry after use. This will keep your cannabis tasting fresh every hit.


Vaping has been an extremely popular method of smoking in the last several years, but some might only associate vapes with nicotine as an alternative to cigarettes. But there are also vapes designed to smoke cannabis, usually in the form of THC vape juice. The legalization of marijuana has made it possible for the regulation of exciting new methods of marijuana consumption, and vaping is just one of them. If you’re new to vaping, there are a few things you should know so that you can get the equipment and vape juice that’s right for you.

What Is Vaping?

If you’ve smoked cannabis before in a joint or pipe, you used combustion to create smoke that you inhaled. Combustion occurs with a direct flame to the plant material. Vaping involves an entirely different process. Instead of burning plant material, which may feel harsh on your lungs, vapes use controlled heat to turn liquid into vapor. The most desired qualities are extracted from the cannabis plant, allowing for a huge variety of potential effects and the addition of delicious flavors for you to enjoy.

Vaping Equipment

Different forms of cannabis require different devices. There are many forms of cannabis these days. You can use flowers, edibles, wax, hash, kief, or oil. When using vapes, you need THC in the form of e-juice, or vape oil.

If you already use a DNA vape for nicotine vape juice, you can buy specially made THC e-juice to put in the vape you already have. Not all vapes are limited to THC oil, though. You can find vapes that are made for ground cannabis flowers, and even some that can handle both oil and buds. But if you’re trying to smoke your cannabis in its original form, a plant, you’ll need to purchase an atomizer that you can attach to your DNA mod, adapting the vape for cannabis use. You can also buy an atomizer vape that is specially designed for ground-up cannabis plant material. 

The other option to consider is a vape pen. All you need is a rechargeable vape pen battery and a THC oil cartridge. You can buy a variety of disposable cartridges with different potencies and flavors. These are perfect for vaping on-the-go. They’re simple, sleek, and subtle. You can also buy entire vape pens that are disposable. With these, there’s no need to buy a battery pack. They’re ready to smoke as soon as they’re in your hand. 

All this information can be a lot to take in. If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Professionals have done the hard work for you. You can buy a THC vape starter kit, which will have everything you need to start with no confusion. 

How Vapes Work

Now you know that vapes don’t use combustion, so what do they use? There are a couple of different vaporizing techniques used in vapes: convection and conduction. There are pros and cons to both, so it’s important to do your research to find the vape that’s best for you. 

Conduction requires a battery to heat a material that separates the heat source from the cannabis oil. A more popular method of vaping, but also a more expensive method, is convection. Convection vapes use hot air to heat the THC vape juice or plant material, making it much more even and avoiding overheating. Convection is a much more complicated technique, so you’ll pay the price investing in one of these vapes. Many seem to think it’s worth the cost. The most important thing is that you have quality THC juice in your vape. 


Rolling a blunt is a skill that any cannabis smoker should have. Blunts are one of the most popular methods of smoking because of the size and strength of the hits compared to that of a joint or a pipe. There’s also something ceremonious about a blunt. It might not be something for your everyday smoke sesh, but special occasions can be made even better with the presence of a nice blunt to share with your loved ones. You might think rolling a blunt is a skill you learn once you’re a marijuana expert who has been smoking for years, but it’s not as hard as it looks. You can easily be the life of your next party, rolling blunts for everyone to enjoy.

Rolling the Perfect Blunt

Once you have your cannabis, the only other things you need are a cigar or cigarillo, a sharp blade, and an optional paper filter. You can find cigarillos in a variety of delicious flavors to enhance the taste of your blunt. If you’re looking for something bigger to smoke, like with a large group of friends, a cigar is the choice for you, as they are much larger than cigarillos.
Use the blade to slice a clean line straight down the length of the cigar, then empty the tobacco from the leaf. To get the most out of your cannabis, be sure it is ground into a fine, fluffy consistency. This ensures that the entire flower comes in contact with the heat, providing a stronger hit for you. Pack your ground cannabis evenly into the cigar leaf, filling all the space so the blunt is nice and sturdy once it’s rolled. If you choose to use a filter, place it at one end of your blunt.
To roll the blunt, hold it with both hands and use your thumbs to roll the edge of the leaf closest to you over the cannabis. You should see the cylinder of the blunt coming together. Next, lick the opposite edge of the leaf, giving it an adhesive quality. Finally, carefully roll the blunt between your fingers, applying the adhesive edge over the other. You may need to close the blunt one section at a time, especially if it is a larger one. 
Once your blunt is all rolled up, the last step is to seal it and make it ready to smoke. This is easy. Hold the blunt over the flame of a lighter, being careful not to burn it. Run the flame over the seam you just created. This will dry out the leaf and help the blunt burn smoothly. Some choose to put their blunts in the microwave for a few seconds to get a similar effect, but using a lighter works perfectly. Now, you have a wonderful blunt to enjoy during some relaxing alone time or to spark up with your friends. 


When it comes to smoking a pipe, there are almost no physical differences between a tobacco and a marijuana pipe. Of course, the most obvious difference is the kind of material that each type of pipe is made of. Many times, cannabis pipes are made from glass, but ones used for tobacco are often made from materials such as clay and wood. Pipes are easy-to-use and do not cost that much money. However, you can find some ceramic, wood, metal, or bamboo pipes designed for smoking cannabis. Just remember that you will not want to use aluminum or foil for smoking a pipe. An aluminum pipe might not be good for your lungs.

How Do You Smoke?

First, load your bowl using ground or broken up cannabis. If the hole near the bottom of the piece is too large for the herb, you can use the plug, which is also called the nug plug. This piece is a very small bit of cannabis that you place slightly in the hole. Then you can place the marijuana at the top. That will keep it from falling out as you smoke from the pipe. 
Now put your pipe on the outside of your mouth. Use your thumb or index finger to cover up the carb. Very carefully and gently run your flame over your cannabis and gently suck some air in through the pipe. However, do not inhale your smoke. That way, the smoke can collect in your pipe. 
Once you are ready to take a hit of the smoke, you can take your thumb or finger off the carb to release it. Then you can inhale that smoke into your lungs from the pipe. You can then exhale the smoke soon after. You can repeat this process of both holding and then releasing your carb every time you want to inhale the smoke. There are a couple of important pieces that go into creating a cannabis pipe. The bowl is where you will put your marijuana. Near this area, you have a carb, which is a small hole. The goal of the carb is so you can clear the chamber when you use the pipe.
Often, the carb is on one side of your pipe. If you stop inhalation, you do not want to put your finger over the carb. Instead, you should put your finger over the carb when you are taking an inhale. 


Psychedelic mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms, are surprisingly easy to grow. All you need is some basic equipment, a substrate, some spores, and a little patience.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how to grow magic mushrooms at home. Before you know it, you’ll have a bountiful harvest on your hands.

The best way to stay safe is to grow magic mushrooms at home or buy from a reputable source. Due to their current legal status, the latter may not be an option.

That said, please note that growing shrooms is also illegal and readers choose to do so at their own discretion. This guide is for informational purposes only.

What Do You Need to Grow Mushrooms?

One of the easiest ways to cultivate mushrooms is by using a mushroom grow kit. They usually include a spore syringe, substrate, and grow bag – theoretically, everything you need. Some kits even have the mycelium (the main body of the fungus) ready to go. All you do is add water. There are several things you will need which you can purchase from a supplier. They include:

  • Spore Syringe
  • Vermiculite
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Water
  • 12 250-Millilitre Canning Jars with Lids
  • Measuring Cup
  • Small Nail and Hammer
  • Strainer
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Several Paper Towels
  • Tinfoil
  • Strainer
  • Misting Bottle
  • Drill
  • Micropore Tape
  • Clear Box
  • Perlite
  • Sanitation Supplies

Remember that hygiene is vital. Mould and bacteria can easily grow in poor conditions, which can contaminate the shrooms and prevent them from growing.

Punch four holes in each lid. Then, add 32 grams of water and 85 grams of vermiculite to your mixing bowl. Drain any extra water. Add 32 grams of brown rice flour and mix well. 

When you fill the jars, do not pack them very tightly. Fill each one about 1¼ centimeters from the top and then sterilize it. Add some dry vermiculite to the top.

Screw the lids on and cover them with foil. Then, put the paper towels in your cooking pot and put the jars on top. Fill the pot with water until it comes halfway up the jars. Slowly boil them, keeping the jars upright. Put the lids on and allow them to steam for about half an hour. Let them sit overnight to cool to room temperature. 

Now, use a flame to sterilize the needle of your syringe. Take the foil off of each jar and stick the syringe deeply through the hole. Inject some of the solution in each of the four holes in the lid. Use the micropore tape to cover each hole. Sterilize your needle after each of the jars.
Now, it is time to wait for the mycelia to grow. Place them in a dark, room temperature area. After one to two weeks, white mycelia will appear. Make sure you look for contamination signs, like strange smells or colors. Dispose of any jars quickly. Some containments can be deadly.
You should have several colonized jars if everything has gone well. Allow them to sit for another week, so the mycelia can become stronger.
Take a plastic storage container so you can drill holes over the lid, base, and sides. Put a base under each corner so air can flow under the box. Now, it is time to add the perlite. Put it in the strainer and then under cold water. Let it drain and then add it to the chamber’s base. Continue doing this until the layer is several centimeters deep.

Take out the dry vermiculite from each of your jars and turn each jar upside down to remove the cakes. Then, put them in water and allow them to soak overnight. Roll them in vermiculite to keep them moist.

Now, place each cake on tinfoil in the chamber. Mist everything with your spray bottle and put the lid on the chamber.

You will need to mist the growth chamber several times a day, so it stays humid. But you want to avoid soaking the cakes. To increase airflow, fan it with the lid. The cakes do not need direct light.

You will notice small white bumps that will be ready to harvest in five to 12 days. Then, cut them close to their base. You want to get them before they are mature, so they do not lose their potency. 

If you want to use them for micro-doses or save them for another time, you will need to dry them. You can leave them on a piece of paper near a fan. But you still need them to be “cracker dry,” which means they snap when bending them. 

It is better to use a dehydrator if you have one. That way, they will not become less potent. You can also use a desiccant, which removes extra moisture. Place this in an airtight container and put a wire rack on top to prevent the shrooms from touching it. Then, put the shrooms on the rack and seal the container.

After drying, you can put them in a plastic storage bag, which will keep out the air. The freezer is a good place to keep them.

Remember, however – it is the responsibility of the reader to know and understand all rules and regulations regarding the cultivation of mushrooms in their specific state or region.