Mail Order Marijuana gaining popularity in Canada, despite there being major supply shortages in Canada since it legalized cannabis. These shortages have burden weed smokers in many provinces in the first few months of legal marijuana. Industry insiders say this burden may last for years.

Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia have all reported varying levels of shortages since it went legal.

While the Quebec Cannabis Corporation has reduced its store opening hours to four days a week.

Labrador’s only legal cannabis store said it was forced to temporarily close after being without any product for nearly two weeks.

Buying Weed Online Gaining Popularity…

All of this has made the popularity of buying weed online rise dramatically. Every day multiple MOMs pop up in the Google search.

Mail Order Marijuana Online Dispensaries are starting to become more trusted by consumers, as online purchasing increases across the board. It makes perfect sense that with legalization, it only makes sense to go online.

While there are currently over a couple hundred Mail Order Marijuana Online Dispensaries out there, some key players have sprouted up;

To name a few, but the best option for buying weed is a Mail Order Marijuana Directories like which provides everything a customer buying weed online would need. They have a complete directory of MOMs, split into multiple categories; Featured MOMs (paid), MOM Approved (Verification Process) and All MOM Dispensaries (free).

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Mail Order Marijuana Seems Unaffected By Shortages…

The sheer number of established Mail Order Marijuana Online Dispensaries, in conjunction with all those that seem to open daily, all seem to point to Mail Order Marijuana and Buying Weed Online will not be affected by the cannabis shortages. Some might say they are benefiting from it.