Now that marijuana is 100% legal throughout all of Canada, are you overwhelmed with all the cannabis product types, selections, and online dispensaries available?

Did you even know you could buy weed online?

Finding the right dispensary for your needs can be confusing, especially in an industry that’s just getting started.

But the fact is, the marijuana industry is set to become the largest one found in Canada. Estimated to someday be worth more than $4 billion, it’s no wonder every cannabis business is jumping in and trying to establish themselves as a seller.

But it doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming for the consumer if they know where to get their information (and their cannabis!).

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Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, 420 consumers have expressed their frustrations when it comes to buying their favorite cannabis products.

Not only is there an overwhelming number of options, and not a lot of information, it’s difficult to determine whether buying from a company is safe, secure, or even legal.

That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to create a Canadian based online cannabis products and dispensary review website.

We offer customers reviews, ratings, products, and exclusive deals for specially vetted and verified mail order marijuana online dispensaries. With 1000s of products to choose from, you can trust the information you need to buy the best product for your needs is going to be found right here at MOMS.

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Buying weed online in Canada has never been easier.

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And this is just the beginning.

So, join us on this journey, get some great deals on your favorite cannabis products, and get your weed online today, and learn about up and coming dispensaries as they make their mark in what is sure to be a booming and very exciting industry.