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Ships From: British Columbia

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Bud Buddies is BC’s grower direct Internet dispensary. We are the online outlet for a collective of federally licensed BC marijuana growers who have been supplying medical-grade marijuana since as early as 2002 under Canada’s Marijuana Medical Access Regulation (MMAR) program.

With decades of wisdom and dozens of international awards collectively, our growers consistently produce some of the world’s best cannabis strains – the award-winning BC Bud!

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Just do it!

Fast & reliable, 5 star! I first began using them 6 months ago and everything has been consistent. I love the fact that they carry Herbosi vapes, it's been hard to find their cartridges anywhere else. Also their sampler packs are an amazing deal, I hope they keep it up. Highly recommended!
- Adam Foreman

Probably the best pot I have ever smoked

Amazing quality bud for the price... No joke this MOM is legit. Better than any of the walk in dispensaries I've been to here in Vancouver. That's right. I have no idea how they are always able to find the freshest and nicest buds! I want to give them 4 stars because they forgot include an item in my order a few times... however their customer support is amazing and they go the distance to make sure they make it up on their end and they definitely did so they truly deserve a 5/5. Thank you Bud Buddies keep up the great work!
- Victor


Purple afghani was the nicest stuff I had in a while. Top quality. Very fast shipping from accross country in 2 days. Excellent service highly recommended.
- Kyle Campbell

Gorilla Glue 4

Buds came in fresh and smelling great. One of the best batches I've ever tasted. The Sativa effects kicked in from the get go and the "glue" effect settled down fantastically. Delivery was quick considering the 2 days it took to travel across the country. Kudos to Bud Buddies for giving me a great GG4 experience when the dispensaries in the Prairies are still just stocking their shelves with lightweights.
- AJ

Good weed

Properly grown, flushed and cured. Took 2 days to ship. Weed that I received was the proper weed as described. Girl scout cookies was definitely GSC. Selection could be better they had about 12 strains to choose from. Price is the typical price you can expect from most MOMS. They offer sales and discount codes. 15% off all flowers till March 1st for example. They also offer $20 worth of bud when you make/use a referral. Interactive etransfer is the payment option.
- autogrower

Girl Scout Cookies

Bud Buddies provides a speedy service, but doesn't forgo quality. Their customer service is easily some of the best in the business, and the Buds came in quickly, fresh, and packaged neatly. GSC has to be one of the smoothest strains I've ever had the pleasure to indulge in. A little goes a long way in taking the edge off, and left me in a state of pure relaxation and enjoyment. Truly worthy of their rating 5/5 guys!

Mail order?!?!

Wow you know back in my day it was a lot harder to find herb. now you can just order it off a online dispensary? That's awesome! Prices are pretty reasonable and the quality is great! Since it located in Vancouver it only takes three days to get to where I am. I like knowing that where I'm getting my cannabis from is legit and I definitely found the right place to look. When do you guys bring new selections?
- Laura Lamke

Bud Buddies Better

The selection is simply impressive! From brilliant buds, oils and extracts, to hash, shatter and vape pens. Delivery is quick and discreet. Prices are low, leaving you with more dollars for munchies. Hands down a five star experience, from perusing the website to smoking the product!
- JJ Glazebrook


Most shatter you see is VERY expensive and never the same quality the 2nd time around this place has changed that assumption for me! Same amazing quality of smooth hard hitting shatter. Gets you there in half the time as a joint. And last a long time. Thanks so much.
- CHELSEA anne

Sampler pack

My husband and i order the Sampler Pack – Assorted Premium Strains I strongly suggest it for the prices;Great tight buds good smoke.
- vanessa brandon

Just made a New Best BudBuddy

Love the quality and the effort this company puts into delivering great bud! Great prices, delivery time, and quality all around one of my favorite sites out there!
- James C

Yee haw

Their awesome replied to all my annoying emails product showed up as promised
- Tyler


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Top Notch Customer Service

Thanks so much! I had Absolutely loaded up from you guys over my last two orders and then took a brief tolerance break. Glad to be back to you guys again as always! For the near decade I've been ordering from you guys your customer service has always been top notch. Thanks again!
- Anonymous

Good Service

Really thank you guys for providing a much needed service that too many ignorant people fail to see as a legitimate way to deal with on-going pain. Cheers
- Patient
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