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Most Affordable Cannabis Products

We offer simply the most affordable cannabis products out there. Why pay more? Some producers charge 5-6-7-20X times as much as CAMMP. It’s not fair to medical users to overpay for your cannabis medication! For example – many producers charge $4/gram for SHAKE! CAMMP – $0.25/g. I mean really $4 a gram for shake? Shake your head. CAMMP is here for you.

High Quality Ingredients

We use only the best, time-tested ingredients in our cannabis flowers, extracts and edibles. Don’t trust “johnny come lately” websites and producers who have no idea what they are doing.

Decades of Experience

We have been producing cannabis products for three decades. Indoor, outdoor, extracts, edibles, we have done it all and know the best methods which result in a superior, healthier product experience.

High Potency Edibles

Our edibles and cannabudder are only the highest potency products available. Many producers and dispensaries push low-grade low-potency overpriced products that waste your time and money. Max out your medical experience with CAMMP.

The Real Deal

The cannabis industry and upcoming legalization have been hyped up and overblown. Everybody seems to be pushing cannabis stocks, products, information, and get-rich-quick schemes. Especially odious are snake oil cannabis salespeople claiming they can cure cancer quickly with hyper doses of THC. Frankly, many of these people know nothing about the industry and are manipulating the public with misinformation. Cannabis can always help, but never choose only an alternative therapy when dealing with serious illnesses. TRUST CAMMPs experience we will never mislead or misrepresent our products.

High-Quality Cannabis Products Brought Straight To Your Front Door!

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Good prices great service

Good prices consistently lower than other MOMs I switched a long time ago. Quality is good, they actually answer emails and shipping seems decently fast.
- Doug Edwards

One of the best!

One of the best MoMs you can order from. They have consistently good product at a fair price. I highly recommend them.
- Rikki Barnes


Been buying for over a year, prices always consistent, quality always good, like the cookies too.
- Angie Farworth

They best!

A while back before legalization I was shopping online and comparing prices to get the best bang for my buck so to speak and in my endless search I found these guys. At the time I think they were just starting out, the zip lock freezer was 99 bucks and they had not alot in stock so I moved on in my search. I think this was 4 years ago. Fast forward to last month. I was out on the hunt looking to pick up my months supply of medical cannabis so I came to buyMoM (this site) and was going through the feature MoMs and seen cammp and the sun broke through the rain and cold and shined a beam of light on my phone as if something was telling me that my search was over and I found the promise land!!!! I click the link and was transported to a site that was no frills straight up and to the point. You click the menu and select shop and you get a list of every in the store. When you start scrolling down you start to notice some great looking medical cannabis and then you notice the price!!!! (THE BEST PRICES IN CANADA!) They have a great selection and of indoor and outdoor BC grown weed. On my first order I ordered 3 and a half ounces of medical supplies (if your on a tight budget pick up their shake ounces for 25 bucks, I used it for making cookies and the rest I smoked, there was a load of mirco buds in the one I had it made my supply last a lot longer. If you are looking for CBD and a thc strain they have it and it's a great strain called super Mario CBD and it is a miracle worker. It was as if Mario has star power and he was running through all the bad guys to save the princess. It jumped to on of my top ten strains it has one of the nicest smells that makes you want to keep coming back for more! Ok enough about the product and let's talk about customer service and cammp is one of the best. They are smart know alot about what they grow and when you smoke it you can tell it was grown be people that enjoys what the do and you can tastes and feel the love. If you have any questions just ask but you have to do it old school and just email. This is because cammp does not use scoial media or very little. They seem that they don't want to really have anything to do with it, that's a big plus in my world. Shipping was fast and free after you spend 110.00 I got mine in 3 days and that's no time! Last but not least I want to mention the packaging because it is the best around. My order came in 2 xpresspost envelopes. I cracked them open and I see some locking Tupperware that was vac sealed. After opening the vac packaging and the Tupperware containers, there was 2!, You see vac sealed zip lock bags. So simple and the way weed has been sold over the years, in a baggie ! I can't say enough about this web site but I can just say to who ever is reading this is you have to try it for your self and once you do the you will always be ordering from them. I am making my second order this Friday and I can't wait to try it!!! USE THIS STIE!!!
- David Harvey
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