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Canna Wholesalers Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 41 reviews.
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Buy Weed Online Canna Wholesalers / Mail Order Marijuana Canna Wholesalers

Payment Options: E-Transfer & Bitcoin

Ships From: British Columbia

Free Shipping: $100+

Directly from our farmers to your hands, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices of Cannabis and Concentrates. We work with a large group of farmers from BC that are dedicated to growing all grades of cannabis for different consumers.

Largest varieties, best prices and affiliate program.

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Ordered friday got it today

Got my aaa purple afghani ...nice big me really high..definatly ordering again. All the weed dispenseries around hamilton ontario are selling garbage blasted weed..ripping everybody off .thanks cannawholesaler! Very well organized company you have..i even got a free sample of fire og..gram..and u reply quick to emails to!!! And weight was on!! Thanks again!!im ordering again really soon
- Craig1972

Super Impressed

Got the Purple Afghani that was on sale on their site for $110 + free shipping. Received it within 3 days in a nice packaged box with coffee beans inside! The weed was superb quality for the price and was really purple when u cracked the nugs, good kush! Awesome service from these guys and will be a long tome customer!
- LouiVuitton

Completely Satisfied.

Ever since ordering from cannawholesalers, I don't need to order from anywhere else. Amazing prices and they basically have everything.
- Dopey

Lovely Place Shop

Derrick is super knowledgeable and helpful. He did not up sale me one bit. His recommendations are A++++
- Pokeman89


Everything they do is quick, process is quick, delivery is quick, responds quick. Quality & price is very good. Happy customer = long time customer!
- WeedZillaBong

Puts a smile on my face everytime.

Really great experience with customer service, professional and friendly. Quality stuff and good deals with fast shipping. I recommend you try them at least once.. you'll definitely come back for more.
- Mohanh

A gem in the industry

I'm amazed buy the quality of these products considering it being at such a low price. They really care about their customers and not greedy like other place. I love what I get here and I will only shop here now. Always well stocked and great deals.
- tigermama00


amazing strains, fast shipping. good price!
- meataffair

phenomenal quality on a budget

Well stocked, really great quality.
- Chapman

The place to shop

Had a lovely experience, shopping made easy and delivered straight to my door. Elijah answered my emails very quickly and it made me feel like he really valued my business and cares about my well being. He recommended a lot of great stuff. Products are amazing and prices are crazy affordable. My new fave spot.
- wenndy


best price for best buds and best service. always consistent. keep up the good work!
- jengacat

=) 5 stars

Nice online store in Canada. Friendly service and good customer experience. One stop store for all your needs at a cheap price. Pros- store hours (24 hrs), clean buds and concentrates, friendly customer service, and variety of quality products, ships fast, tastiest gummies, and the list goes on. Cons- no cons they update their website products quite frequently.
- ilubm


Get all you want in the comfort of your own home, ships fast. Website is well formatted, easy to use. Large selection, prices are very reasonable. They offer concentrates and edibles, they even sell accessories too. You save more by buying more. Occasionally they have discount codes and promotions.
- bbjadore


Highly recommend to anyone! The prices are very reasonable and it is worth every penny. They have everything, great value sample packs and large selection of well stocked products. There is something there for everyone!
- tescott

Pain is gone

Cheap price, but amazing quality. Ordered wednesday, received friday. Headband is an amazing strain, buds are dense and smells fantastic. This stuff is strong, the first day I underestimated it and over smoked.. I was couchlocked af. The second day I reduced my dose, and had an amazing uplifting and energetic high. This strain is really potent.
- metrius

Everything you need

Professionals, fast ship, well stocked with everything you need, and reasonable prices.
- CBD Junkie

Never gets boring.

They have such a huge selection and the prices make it easy to keep ordering and continue exploring new strains. Shipping is always so fast. All products have been great so far. They now also have gummies that are, "oh so delicious" my mouth waters just thinking about it. Good Job.
- Tingle star

The only crack I'll do.

Cannawholesalers, "green crack." Here's why 5 reasons why its great. 1. Nicely crystalled 2. Tight nugs 3. Smooth hits 4. Perfect daytime energetic high 5. Awesome price point
- hanha

Pre Bubba Kush

Perfect after a long day of work. Pains gone, very relaxing. Great tasting beautiful flower, nice price point.
- Hovie Trung

Intense body high

I did not know how strong the violator kush was going to be, made a mistake and smoked it while I was out and it literally knocked me out. All I remember is smoking it, and then getting tingly all over my body, and then I couldn't talk properly, was slurring and shit and then I knocked the f out. It violated my mind and I slept like a baby. I would recommend this but make sure to smoke it at night and at home haha.
- five no sleep

The Best

Amazing selection of great quality cannabis at a reasonable price. Customer service is the best I've ever encountered, super helpful. This place is amazing, some of the best weed I've ever had. Favorite strain is alice in wonderland, never had weed like that before it's like experiencing heaven.
- The Ferocious Beast

unbeatable prices

Best experience ever with cannawholesalers, top quality products with best prices. My go to, huge selection, wide variety, don't worry if what you want is not available, they'll always restock and if you can't wait they have comparable products. Every experience is a happy one.
- Bainese

Easily the best

I've ordered from a couple places and cannawholesalers have the best pricing for quality products. Customer service is really knowledgeable.
- doobydoo

5 stars

I rate this company 5 stars because of reliability, quality, quantity, affordability and professionalism. First I want to address reliability, despite the strike going on with our local post office, I still received my package in a timely matter. Second, quality, quality is top notch, nice crystal, appearance almost perfect and smell is amazing, hits heavy. Third quantity, orders seem to always way more so that's a plus. Fourth, affordability, pricing couldn't be more perfect, very competitive, the more you buy the more you save and if you smoke a lot why not? Fifth, professionalism, they are very friendly, answers almost instantly, longest maybe a couple hours and quite helpful, regarding your order or even to choose out strains. BONUS STAR. The sample that they kindly throw in without asking.
- Patebabe

King of Kush

Suffer from crazy anxiety, King's kush is my favourite. Really relaxes me and takes away my pain. Sleep like a baby and refreshed when I wake up, not groggy at all. Tastes great. Always pleased with cannawholesalers, they're really great.
- wubbi


Very happy with cannawholesalers, their pricing has always been great and so many strains to choose from. Ordered super jack, a very nice sativa that help me get everything, received free sample alice in wonderland, this stuffs amazing will order in my next order.
- Tamtan


Uplifting high and great for pain. Good prices at cannawholesalers for quality products.
- Bause

Happy Customer

Fastest shipping, friendliest customer service, best prices, quality products. Nothing but happy with my orders.
- Snorlax

Yummy Gummies

strawberry buuda bombs are hands down the best edibles I've tried. Tastes bomb and amazing high. This ones a strong one.
- Glowbuzz

HIGHly recommend

Cannawholesalers are a solid 10. Been ordering from them for about 5 months and I have nothing but good things to say about them. First let me talk about about customer service, they always reply within the hour, and they are very nice and professional. They're products are AMAZING. Covered in crystals, smells beautiful and tastes delicious. Price point is better than any other places I order from. You really have to try for yourself. My absolute favorites are black tuna, VERY heavy indica, I don't recommend this if you are a noob, it will hit you instantly, pain is gone, insomnia is no longer a thing, Wedding cake, hands down the best cake I've ever had, has a vanilla aroma and taste to it, very nice head high, gets you stone but not overly tired, but the best part is the sex.. I know you're probably like whatt?? But seriously. Try it for yourself, finally, last but not least super jack, now I don't normally like sativas because i hate the anxiety feeling it gives me but this one is different. You definitely get shit done but without the crazy anxiety, very clear headed when smoking this. Always super fast shipping with these guys, normally within a day or so, two at max. Packaging is super discreet, with a couple coffee beans in it which is not a bad thing, it smells amazing when you open the box. Overall they are a great company that always updates their menu, they sell out fast but restock quickly. Although prices has gone up a bit, it's still lower than other places, so hey I ain't mad.
- Kablo

The one.

I've found the one, the one who can provide me weed that will take my crazy knee pain and back pain away, the one that can erase my migraines and say bye bye to insomnia. Strain the black, very good strong indica at a price that allows me to keep smoking. Keep up the good work guys, I will forever be your loyal custie.
- yomamasofat

5 Star Products for a Bargain

CannaWholesalers has a wide variety of products such as Edibles, Concentrates and a wide selection of flowers. Their flower section allows you choose specific strains for you needs. With a current promotion of 20% to 40% off these prices are well below the current market price. They offer deals on multiple orders as well as Fast Shipping Canada wide! With AAAA renown strains for bargain prices CannaWholesalers truly lives up to its name!
- M22

Blessed kush for a bargain

CannaWholesalers has a large selection of flower, ranging from AA to AAAA, there is something for everyone to pick. If not looking specifically for flower, they also offer concentrates and vape pens as alternatives. I really appreciated the discount that is applied when ordering larger quantities. You will not go wrong with Cannawholesalers
- Sam Capannelli

5 Stars well Deserved

In Canada, BC is one of the more renown areas for Marijuana; so seeing extremely fair prices on a variety of strands coming from Vancouver immediately piqued my interest. After trying my product, I was more than satisfied, to say the least. The bud was fresh, crystally, and accurate to its rating (it was nice to try a quad that actually lived up to the hype) Overall, would certainly recommend and will be ordering again!
- Makying

CannaWholesalers is my new plug

My first purchase was a few grams of Cali Kush. Upon receiving my package the first thing I noticed was the generous portions given, thanks! The package looked very subtle and was securely packaged (kudos). Onto the experience: Cali Kush lives up to it’s reputation. The bud has many complex layers to it. The golden, orange colored trichomes, and citrus based aromas just break out as soon as you squeeze and break up the flower. The scent can quickly fill the room and it one of the most potent strains for a long lasting, euphoric, positive and safe high :) I’m a very happy client :)

Canna Wholesalers Dispensary

From the view of the selection and content the dispensary itself seems like a great source for ordering Cannabis. Whether you want extracts/concentrates, edibles, flower, oils, topical creams and sprays. The price selection and free shipping after $100 purchase seems relatively fair with the market prices in public store dispensaries. I have not ordered product myself yet but I would be inclined to do so through Canna Wholesalers if I was too.
- Braeden Grealy

wow what a selection

Wow great selections and the the different grade of flower and in oils great options for thc and cbd products and not only great selection great pricing with good deals and the free shipping with $100+ order can't wait to receive my order if I'm this happy just with ordering let's see how happy I am when my package arrives can't wait
- Hector604

Quad Variety!

I purchased a gram of Death Bubba Shatter and an eighth of Purple Haze. The shatter was a heavy hitter, very beautiful clarity, easy to work with and the terpenes hinted caryophyllene. Very good for night time relaxation without the paranoia or munchies, I was very impressed with the effects.The flower was truly AAAA! Burned clear white ash, tasted incredible and the buds even had purple tones. Delivery was speedy (2 business days) and minimum amount for free shipping was $100 which is fantastic compared other online dispensaries that require $150-$200 before getting free shipping. Keep the variety coming Canna Wholesalers! 10/10 would recommend!
- alyssalovesugly

Smoking that Royalty

Product: King Louis XIII, 1oz Very impressed by CWS! First time buying from this MOM, was very happy with the product, customer service, and shipping time. Communication: Minimal, which was good. Setup an account in under 5mins, just needed to register an email. Upon checkup, they require a photo upload of a driver’s license or other photo ID, for age verification. From sign up to checkout was about 20mins, streamlined process the whole way through. Payment is through Interact Etransfer, with a quick response rate; My payment was accepted within the hour. Processing Time/Shipping: Package came in 3 days, free express shipping over $100CAD Product Review: What a crystally bud this was! The nugs were mid sized, pretty dense, sticky and easy smoke. Nice subtle sweet and earthy flavor. Mellow relaxing bud for night time use. Favorite for sleeping for me, body was so relaxed. Packaging: Nice packaging, smell proof and vacuumed sealed. Overall: Customer service was awesome. Quite a selection of strains. Would come back again. That King Louis highly recommend!
- Judeydaboi

Good Selection

As a customer I can appreciate the selection offered some of the best strains around are offered by this company who has made weed buying easy!
- Brandon Lewis-Byers


Easy to navigate website, large selection, great prices!
- Aneisha
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