300mg Nano CBD Drops (SunnySide Botanicals)

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300mg Nano CBD Drops by SunnySide Botanicals introduce Nano-Emulsified CBD. This is patent-pending technology that shrinks CBD down many many times smaller, increasing some of its benefits. One of which makes it water-soluble, so, we?ve diluted the concentration in distilled water, instead of MCT oil. Our Nano CBD is 100% Bio-Available, even if ingested like an edible- unlike your typical CBD oil, which is only 5-10% efficient if the dose is consumed in an edible / beverage. What about bio-availability? NANO CBD particles are between 400-2000% smaller than other oil-based CBD products, which make?s it INCREDIBLY efficient, no matter how one ingests it. Each 1ml dropper contains 10mg of CBD (equivalent to 30mg oil based CBD) Ingredients: Distilled Water, Nano-Emulsified CBD Isolate Suggested Use: Shake well and drop desired dosage into your shake, coffee, water, or even food. We recommend starting with a 5mg dose. Repeat/increase as needed. ?


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