Black Widow

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Black Widow, a spider, known for its deadly venom and eating its partner after sex. Its name alone runs shivers down the spine, haunting those who enter its vicinity. Don?t worry; you can breathe a sigh of relief, we?re not covering the nightmare-inducing spider today. Black Widow is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It originated as ?White Widow? grown by Shantibaba from Green House Seeds. Shantibaba crossed a Brazillian Sativa and South Indian Indica, which became his staple train. Soon after leaving Green House Seeds and creating Mr. Nice Seeds, he tweaked the recipe, renaming the strain Black Widow. Black Widow and White Widow do share similarities but make no mistake; they are different. Let?s say we?re lucky to have both, as each brings their element to the table. Black Widow first made its presence known in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup, winning the distinguished award of the ?Best strain of the year.? Since then, along with White Widow, it?s made plenty of appearances in pop culture. ? The Black Widow strain is a dark green, almost brown looking bud. Its dense bud structure is full of nutty and sweet fragrances, alongside a side of skunky. Rolling BW in a joint is much of the same, minus the skunky profile. ? While the bud may not look like a Sativa, the effects say otherwise. Black Widow is an exhilarating smoke, starting with a spike in energy and focus. It?s a student?s dream strain, making studying for hours on end a breeze. Some like to substitute it for coffee, but used together produces the best results. As the energetic buzz sets in, a wave of bliss lifts the user?s spirits. Life becomes a fairy tale, like walking through a magical forest as the sun illuminates the path. There?s no other word to describe it but pure joy. The mental effects are top-notch, but it doesn?t slack physically either. By no means is it a couch-locking strain, but it does sedate. Beginning with a tingle down the spine, it spills over into the rest of the body. Black Widow works wonders for increasing appetite. It?s a munchie machine, so make sure to have a fridge full of goodies ready to go. Besides treating anorexia and eating disorders, it relieves depression, nausea and chronic pain. Black Widow won?t turn you into Spider-Man, but you?ll sure feel like a superhero. Up to 26-28% THC ?


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