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Blackberry Kush (AA+)

Phenotype: Indica
Grade: AA+
THC/CBD Content: 20%/ <0.1% (Grower Average)
Flavor: berry, earthy, sweet
Effects: relaxed, happy, sleepy
Medicinal properties: Can treat pain, stress and insomnia


SKU: 4174753f882c Categories: , Tags: , , , , ,
SKU: 4174753f882c Categories: , Tags: , , , , ,

Blackberry Kush is a predominantly Indica strain that comes from a mix of Afghani and Blackberry. This strain has trichomes and red hairs piercing through the buds. Some users say that Blackberry Kush has a distinguishable hashy smell paired with a sweet berry taste.

As a potent Indica strain, Blackberry Kush is more suitable for night-time use. Its ability to induce couch-lock makes this product a great choice for pain relief and insomnia. Aside from a heavy onset of munchies, users should be cautious of blood-shot eyes and dry mouth.




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