Blue Afghani

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Blue Afghani is a strain you won?t soon forget!? The Indica dominant hybrid is a combination of the legendary Afghani and Blueberry strains. With a gene pool this good, there?s no way it could fail. ? Blue Afghani takes many characteristics from it?s Blueberry and Afghani heritage. To start, the aroma is something out of a bakery. A delightful scent of fresh blueberries with a touch of sweetness is prominent. A herbal fragrance also makes itself known upon breaking open a nug. Smoking Blue Afghani by the method of pipe or a joint is a treat! Every puff is like biting into a sweet blueberry waffle topped with vanilla ice cream. How does it get any better than that?! The flavours and aroma are enough to produce a high, but the buzz from the flower itself is superb. ? The effects first appear in the head and upper body. A tingling sensation washes over, sending mini lightning bolts throughout the body. It feels as if you?re getting goosebumps from listening to a nostalgic song. The sensation progresses throughout the body, relaxing the muscles. Some may start to feel a little sleepy at this point, but it?s more so the body entering a tranquil state. Blue Afghani also treats a myriad of medical conditions. Pain-related ailments and symptoms are the most common. As well as inflammatory conditions such as arthritis respond well to treatment. This strain also reduces the frequency of seizures from epilepsy. The medical uses are endless. Now that the tranquillity is at an all-time high, the mind begins to feel like slight cerebral effects. Nothing too drastic, but a euphoric energy releases, bringing with it smiles and laughter. Anxieties fade away, along with any signs of depression. Blue Afghani is best for night time use. Once the high has subsided, most users claim sleep is all they desire. Therefore those with insomnia love to use this strain. The Blue Afghani Strain is an excellent blend of easy-going mental effects with a numbing body buzz ? not to mention a divine taste. Don?t have it in your collection but want to try? Visit our shop and order today. Up to 19-21% THC ?


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