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Boveda: 4 Gram 62% RH

If you are purchasing a Boveda pack for it to be added into your order to ensure moisture control during transit, please specify in the order notes which product you would want your Boveda pack to be added into. If we don’t receive this information, we will just add it into a product that we see fit.

If you purchase 4 Boveda packs, we will add one into each 7 gram bag for your October Featured Deal, you do not have to specify.


SKU: c419d7eb8bda Categories: , Tag:
SKU: c419d7eb8bda Categories: , Tag:

Boveda packs offer a reliable and scientifically-proven method of maintaining relative humidity for your dry cannabis flower products. The 4 Gram Boveda pack is capable of maintaining an 1/2 OZ (14 Grams) of dry cannabis flowers at a 62% relative humidity. Using 2-way moisture control, your Boveda pack will either add or absorb moisture from your weed product to maintain it at the desired RH level.


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