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Bubba Kush (AAA)

Phenotype: Indica
Grade: AAA
THC/CBD Content: 19-23%/ <0.1%
Flavor: earthy, sweet, pungent
Effects: relaxed, sleepy, happy
Nug size: medium-large
Medicinal properties: Can treat stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite


SKU: ffb67a1ff280 Categories: , Tags: , , , , , ,
SKU: ffb67a1ff280 Categories: , Tags: , , , , , ,

The origin of Bubba Kush is still mysterious til this day, but most breeders believe this indica strain was developed by crossing OG Kush with Northern Lights. Bubba Kush rose to popularity thanks to its potent tranquilizing effects. This strain is also well liked for its flavors, as most users taste subtle notes of sweet hashish with undertones of chocolate and coffee upon exhalation. Bubba Kush is a great strain for anybody looking for a boost in appetite. This heavy indica delivers a full body relaxation, and alleviates muscle pain, body aches and even headaches.


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