Cheese PHO (Pacific Gas Co.)

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The?UK Cheese Strain, also known as?Cheese weed is where we get Pacific Gas Co?s Cheese PHO. This strain is by far the biggest strain to come from the United Kingdom. The Second you get a whiff of it you?ll know why. The pungent cheesy smell will fill up the room in an instant and have you smiling. Originally bred by the Exodus Collective in the early 90?s, UK is an Indica dominant hybrid that actually accents plenty of sativa. As a result of inbreeding Skunk #1 we get a pungent, cheesy strain that keeps its lovers coming back for more and more. Cheese Weed?is a female phenotype, meaning originally the strain was only available as a clone but now growers have been able to replicate the strain with seeds. Each Order Includes 0.5 Gram of PHO


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