Chronnoisseur Line


God Bod x Strawberry Cough x Blueberry, Texada Timewarp, Northern Lights #5, Northern Lights #5 Greenhouse, Purple Kush

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Welcome to CAMMP’s Chronnoisseur Line.  Limited quantities.  Produced by a local Master grower, these buds are grown in a pH-neutral environment (unlike most) with only the mildest organic ingredients.  Hung on-branch humidity-controlled for 2-4 weeks to produce exception cure & flavour,  then hand-trimmed and packaged exclusively in glass.  These buds never touch plastic; no microplastic ingestion here.  Jars ship via EXPEDITED and are boxed, expect extra delivery time as a result.  Price is for ONE OUNCE.

Please note, these buds are organic and the trim is purposely loose to leave all beautiful sugar leaf intact.  Organic buds can have more imperfections than you might be used to with mass-produced, hyper-fertilized commercial weed – this is a much different product!

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