Girl Scout Cookies PHO (Pacific Gas Co.)

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The always loved?Girl Scout Cookies PHO Strain?by Pacific Gas Co.?(GSC) packs a punch in the mind and body. Originally from the West Coast, GSC is a blend of the sativa?Durban Poison?and?OG Kush. Although it is a indica dominant hybrid, it has a very well balanced feel. It?s high on the THC content scale coming in at an average of 18%-23%, but has been recorded up to 28%. When consuming?Girls Scout Cookies?you will notice an immediate rush followed by an upscale feel of happiness. Often times man people record having an increased interest in socializing and communicating with others around them. The feeling of ?lasting a lifetime? is prevalent with this strain, making 20 minutes seem like hours. Girl Scout Cookies isn?t a couch locking strain, but you may feel a bit sluggish so it isn?t recommended for patients looking to do physical activity. GSC favours the food connoisseur as it plays with the food pallet tremendously well. Reshaping the taste of food and allowing for a more dynamic experience while eating. An?olive oil extract?will be a perfect addition to your kitchen cooking arsenal. Thanks to how versatile the?Girl Scout Cookies?Strain?is, we get a plethora of medicinal benefits from it. It?s especially effective for patients with chronic pain. The benefits from GSC are felt longer then most strains, allowing for less consumption and a stronger pain medication. The mellowing effects are perfect for anyone who is dealing with?depression, stress or anxiety and needs dislodge themselves from a certain mental state. With?Girl Scout Cookies?being such a well rounded strain, it?s no wonder that?GSC weed?is?world famous. Each Order Includes 1 Gram of Girl Scout Cookies PHO


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