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God Kush (AAA+)

Phenotype: Indica
Grade: AAA+
THC/CBD Content: 19-21%/ <0.05% (Grower Average)
Flavor: herbal, pungent, sweet
Effects: relaxed, happy, euphoric
Medicinal properties: chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss


SKU: 7bec213b0868 Categories: , Tags: , , , , ,
SKU: 7bec213b0868 Categories: , Tags: , , , , ,

God Kush, also known as Lasqueti, is a cross between God Bud and the famous OG Kush. God Kush's flowers are frosty, almost shining when light hits its thick mask of trichomes. With a distinct musky and a pungent Kush aroma, God Kush cannot be mistaken for any other strain.

With an 80/20 indica to sativa ratio, God Kush's effects are surely potent and long-lasting. Marijuana patients recommend God Kush when it comes to treating chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.


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