Godfather OG AAA+

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Ounce = $160
Half Ounce = $80
Quarter Ounce = $45
Gram = $8

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This strain isn’t called the Godfather OG for nothing. With an extremely high THC content, it won the Best Indica Award in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. It delivers a powerful sedative, euphoric and psychoactive effect; one of the best recreational buds, according to marijuana users.

Expect a 3-4 hour high from the Godfather OG. Your mind will soar and achieve the ability to focus on deep thoughts. Then, you’ll experience a full-body couch lock in a state of total relaxation. Prepare snacks and drinks because this strain has been known to trigger the munchies. You may also fall into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Smoke the Godfather OG to help relieve your stress, depression, insomnia and decreased appetite. It also helps relieve cramps (including menstrual cramps), muscle spasms, tremors and nausea.

Enjoy its pleasant taste; Godfather OG has a grape flavour, with earthy, herbal, piney and peppery notes. Its aroma is an enjoyable mix of spicy, earthy, piney and skunky grape.

If you don’t have much experience with potent marijuana strains, we recommend the Godfather OG for nighttime use only. Its effects come fast and keeps building up, so it might overwhelm unprepared newbies.

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