Henail Plus Portable Dab Rig (Greenlight Vapes)

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Henail Plus?? The fourth generation Henail?by Greenlight Vapes is designed for powerful dabs. The sleek and versatile dab rig comes with dual temperature settings for quartz, ceramic and titanium nails. ?Each?includes a quartz, GR2 Titianium, and ceramic nail.??Now conveniently vaporize your desired concentrate, rosin, hash oil, wax, and shatter. The dual use bubbler can be used as recycler or with a bong, is a value add to the device. Each glass bubbler separates into two pieces, making the cleaning process much easier. ?G9 has also developed the industry?s only removable ceramic heating head. ?This simple adjustment will add life to your?dab rigs?and increases the efficiency of each dab. 1 x Henail Plus with 18650/2500mAh Li-Ion Battery 1 x Megentic Stainless Steel Carb Cap With Dab Tool 1 x Detachable Glass Attachment 1 x Titanium Nail 1 x Ceramic Nail 1 x Quartz Nail 1 x Silicon Container 1 x USB Charger 1 x User Manual 1 x Protective Carrying Case


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