Himalayan Blackberry – SuperNova


  • 1 Gram Himalayan Blackberry Shatter
  • SuperNova Extracts
  • Dewaxed
  • Indica
  • Cascade Oven

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Himalayan Blackberry Strain

Himalayan Blackberry is a indica-dominant strain that mixes earthy flavors with mellow physical attributes, and provides stoney feelings that aid pain relief, while simultaneously producing a subtle cerebral awakening. The rich floral aroma associated with this strain reveals its noticeable Kush overtones that are heightened by the sativa qualities of Nepalese.


SuperNova Extracts

SuperNova Extracts brings a premier line of high quality, dewaxed shatter made within a cascade oven. SuperNova shatter is known for it’s high quality shatter made with nug-runs of triple A and quad A marijuana. Small batch extraction ensures SuperNova shatter reaches you with a high quality, great tasting concentrate.  Buy SuperNova shatter in Canada online at Supherbs today.


What is Shatter?

Shatter is a marijuana concentrate product. Using solvents, THC, CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted, and blended to perfection in a clear, glassy substance ready for dabs. Shatter is typically vaporized and smoked, but is also slightly decarbed and makes a great base for cooking edible products. Shatter is gaining popularity for preloaded vape cartridges, and preloaded vape pens. It’s often used consumed in places where marijuana odur is less desirable and a discreet extract is necessary. Shatter is made out of all marijuana strains and reaches THC levels upwards of 75%.

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