House Blend Wax (Island Extracts)

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House Blend Wax by Island Extracts is made from an exclusive strain. Wax is a marijuana concentrate with a full flavor and a slightly grainy texture. It?s a little less messy than some of the other types of concentrates as it?s a bit thicker and not quite as sticky. Many people prefer wax for its richer, more complex flavor profile. Wax can develop naturally over time as the lipids in the wax begin to breakdown and separate from the cannabinoids, which causes the wax to crystalize. It can also result from condensation or other contaminants which get mixed in with the wax, or if the wax is overly agitated during production.? The quality of the wax depends mainly on the potency of the marijuana from which it?s made. ? Each order contains 1 Gram of House Blend Wax ? ? ?


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