ILU Botanicals – Deep Re-leaf Topical Pain Spray 80ml (385 mg THC)


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Your skin is the largest organ on your body, absorbing readily what you put on it so don’t take any chances with chemicals and keep it real!

A Blend of Arnica, Cannabis, and Mint in a non greasy spray formulation to deliver fast acting relief from pain and inflammation.

About ILU Botanicals

Louisa Ewert, the founder of ILU Botanicals has been interested in healing using plants and natural ingredients since she was a child.

After a snowboarding accident 6 years ago, she put her herbal knowledge to work on making a anti-inflammatory and pain relief topical.

Through trial and error and using herself as a guinea pig, she finally perfected the recipe.  After giving her friends and family a sample it proved very popular and effective and the rest is history.

Though not 100% pain free, she now has continued to live an active lifestyle that includes, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, ride motorcycles as well as cycling.

All ILU Botanical products are made form natural and organic botanicals, waxes, & butter cold pressed oils, minerals and therapeutic grade essential oils.

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