Keyy/Flyte Cartridge Refill (CBD)


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This FlyteCBD Pen Kit is am an amazing way to get your dose of CBD available in 3 ratios of CBD:THC find the right one for you! Charlotte’s Web (8:1) is happy and relaxing – woody, earthy, citrusy flavour. Harlequin (1:1) is an ultra-relaxing hybrid – earthy, sweet, grape flavour. Mint (1:0 – NO THC) is just CBD only with a refreshing minty, herby flavour.

One cartridge refill for $50.

Compatible with Ccell batteries and any other 510 standard threaded battery.

NOTE: Flyte has re-branded their name to Keyy. Rest assured, it’s the same great product with just a different name on the packaging. Exact same product with all the same flavours. When ordering, you may get Flyte or Keyy branded products.


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