Kimbo Kush Shatter (Diamond Concentrates)

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Diamond Concentrates provides top-of-the-line concentrates & accessories to Shops in Vancouver, Toronto & across Canada. Diamond is Canada?s Premier Seed-to-Sale extract company. Everything strain we carry is grown in-house & extracted using state of the art systems.?All of our extracts are tested for THC & CBD levels. Kimbo Kush shatter is made from a knockout strain in honor of the man himself, the late Kimbo Slice, featuring genetics from Blackberry Kush and Starfighter this indica dominant hybrid packs a punch that?ll leave you gasping for more. Typically used for rainy days and lazy nights, Kimbo Kush shatter delivers a warm and penetrating buzz that induces deep relaxation. Infused with a unique aroma of earthy mango, this mouthwatering extract produces dabs that have a citrus fruity flavor marbled with pungent woody tones. Use of this high potency extract (83% THC content) is advised for those confident in their cannabis tolerance, as it is known to deliver a high impact body buzz that leaves you chillin and couch-locked as if Kimbo himself had told you to stay there. Ideal as a nighttime smoke, the sedative and dreamy state induced by this concentrate chases away any previous stress or anxiety accumulated throughout the day. The potent narcotic-like pain relief Kimbo Kush delivers has made it a favorite amongst those suffering from various forms of chronic pain. Also known to overcome the most tenacious insomnia, this concentrate pulls the user into a deep and restful sleep comparable to those who dared step in the ring with the late Kimbo Slice. ?


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