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Want to meet the new kid on the block that?s got everybody talking? If so, say hello to Lithium OG Kush. A rather new kush stain, you wonder how it hasn?t been around longer. This Indica is the cross between OG Kush and Master Kush, two strains with strong roots in North America. After all the years they?ve been around, it?s strange it took so long for someone to take a shot at crossing the two. Thanks to Nirvana seeds the wait is over. ? Lithium OG Kush has only one purpose in life, and it?s to help you enjoy yours. The fruity and citrusy smell gently tingles the nostrils from the get-go and only gets better once smoked. The taste is even further pronounced than the smell, including a slight hint of diesel. The plant is of average size, slightly larger than most indica?s with the dense buds. She?s a leafy one if cultivating at home make sure to trim well to let light reach the entire plant. ? One can only imagine how relaxing a combination of Master Kush and OG Kush might be. From the moment the smoke hits, an incredible wave of bliss rolls in. If there was any stress in your life, pack its bags and bid it bon voyage, it?ll no longer be staying at your place. Often stress gets partnered with its nasty sibling, depression. It corrupts our minds and pollutes it with ideas of inferiority. The negative self-talk piles up and before we know it, we?re deflated. Lithium OG Kush pumps us back like a balloon full of helium. Floating into a happy and mindful setting. Do you need to take a break? If your goal for the night is to relax and enjoy the moment at hand, look no further than Lithium OG Kush. Up to 18-20% THC ?


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