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Grown in the Andromeda Galaxy, delivered on a spaceship to your favourite dispensary, we?d like to introduce you to the trippiest strain around, Nebula. Nebula, or formerly known as Starcloud, is a 50/50 Hybrid grown by the team from Paradise Seeds.? It?s suspected the strain is a combination of US Haze and Master Widow, but unfortunately, this is only speculation. The recipe is safeguarded in a vault, presumably in a different Galaxy. ? The Nebula strain is a light green, fluffy bud. It features tight-curling leaves with scattered orange hairs.? The colour and bud structure is similar to Jack Herer, but the aromas are a world apart. Nebula may remind you of the scent in your grandmother?s home. It resembles a slice of toast spread with honey and berry jam, yum! The flavour is similar to the scent, except for the honey being less pronounced. The casual smoker will enjoy it?s light and berry sweet smoke. ? While we?re unsure if the name is pure coincidence, it?s most likely not, but Nebula is akin to hopping on a spaceship through a psychedelic wonderland.? From the first hit, the mind explores regions of the consciousness that are often left untouched. It gets you questioning life, how we came to be, and what?s the purpose of all this.? Aside from the psychedelic excursion, Nebula is an imaginative strain, unleashing the Warhol in all of us. We encourage anyone struggling with writer?s block or a lack of creativity to add this strain to their stash. Wrapping it all up is a wave of euphoria and body-stone that produces endless laughter, giggles and good times. It?s not a social strain, but don?t let that stop you from sharing with friends. For the medicinal patient, this strain?s best for dealing with stress, depression and pain. The Nebula isn?t your average strain, and you?re not an average smoker, it looks like a match made in heaven! ? Up to 16-18% THC ?


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