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Na na, Na na, Nanananananana, it?s a bird, it?s a plane, nope, it?s OG Shark! OG Shark is a Hybrid cannabis strain that?s quickly become a favourite amongst Canadians and American?s. Although it?s a popular strain, it?s history is shrouded in mystery. The original growers have never been identified, and the lineage is unknown.? What we do know is it?s a flavourful strain that packs a powerful punch to the head. ? OG Shark is a unique strain as it mixes an exciting flavour combination of Blueberry and Diesel. The pungent strain is full of fluffy buds that are light green. Busting the strain in a grinder reveals a sweet scent that permeates the diesel. It?s a smooth smoke that?s a great introduction into the world of joints. ? The OG Shark strain is quick out of the water. Meaning, moments after consuming it, users begin to feel its magic work over.? OG Shark?s high begins with a shot of mental energy as if the mind awakens from a deep slumber. Its creativity flourishes and ascends into an exciting realm of thought. You may find yourself philosophizing about the meaning of life, why your hair is the colour it is, or why cheese tastes so damn good melted.? Regardless of the nature of thought, it takes an abstract form. As the mental stimulation ramps up, a slight sedation forces it?s way on the user?s body. The buzz is far from a couch-lock but does relax and wash away light forms of pain and discomfort.? While most strains will aid in the relief of pain, depression and stress, OG Shark takes it one step further. Those dealing with Fibromyalgia find OG Shark?s effects to numb the pain and allow them to live a more comfortable life. It?s also an excellent strain for relieving headaches. Up to 23-25% THC ? ?


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