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Pink Glue Terp Sauce (HTFSE)

Terp Sauce in a Nutshell

If the cannabis concentrate industry was like the UFC, then we can compare terp sauce to Stipe Miocic, the UFC’s current heavyweight champion. As the holy grail of marijuana extracts, terp sauce offers the best blend of cannabinoid and terpene content. Dabbing has never been tastier now that terp sauce came onto the scene.


SKU: 1f19de0892fa Categories: ,
SKU: 1f19de0892fa Categories: ,

Strain Details

Name: Pink Gorilla
Lineage: GG #4 & Pink 2.0
Indica/Sativa Content: 75/25
THC/CBD Content: up to 15-23%/ up to 1%
Aromas: Earthy, pungent, berry
Flavors: Herbal, spicy, earthy

Effects: Happy, relaxing, sleepy

Medicinal Properties: chronic pain, depression, insomnia


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