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Strains such as OG Kush and Gorilla Glue are well known these days but make no mistake, it wasn?t always this way. Quantum Kush is like the band your parents loved in the ?80s and can?t stop talking about. You won?t find it on top 40 radio stations, but it?s a legend in its own right. As mentioned, Quantum Kush doesn?t get the recognition it once did, but at one point it was the most talked-about strain in the world. With the discovery of THC and it?s powerful effects, breeders began working to create the most potent strain. Through blood, sweat, and tears, Quantum came to life by mixing Sweet Irish Kush and Trainwreck. While many strains top 25% THC today, this was the first to do so and reach the illustrious 30% THC! In a world of CRT TV?s, this was the first high definition flat screen available on the market.? ? Due to the mix of Trainwreck and Sweet Irish Kush, the taste is a little all over the place but works surprisingly well. When smoked, a blend of fruits, earth, and skunk takes place. Those with a refined pallet may be weary, but once consumed are pleasantly surprised.? ? When one thinks of quantum, an image of outer space and physics comes to mind. A strain of this mental aptitude should get named after a science term. The cerebral stimulation from Quantum Kush is like others. In a flash, euphoria takes hold, uplifting the senses and brightening the mood. From the increased happiness comes a mental journey through hyperspace.? Users find that Quantum Kush has 2 outcomes, extreme focus or completely lost in their imaginations. When used at a low to medium dose, the strain is great for getting down to business. Working feels effortless while time slips away. Minutes become hours before you even notice, and what was a daunting project is all but complete. For those that are novice users, too much Quantum may send them into a mental spiral that?s on levels of the Labyrinth. This is where precaution comes into play, go slow and work your way up to avoid getting lost on the mental autobahn. Quantum Kush is one of the best daytime strains available for all those wanting to increase productivity. If you?re falling behind and need the extra focus, or want to explore the mental boundaries of THC, order yours today! ? Up to 25-27% THC ?


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