Sugar Shack (One Ounce)

 21% 0.5%
 Citrus, Fruity, Lime,


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SKU: fe9131349408 Categories: ,

Sugar Shack is a popular cannabis strain which is 60:40 Indica/Sativa. The THC level is 19%. The smell of it is both piney and herbal. The taste is very good with a light fruit taste that is sweet. It is a good strain for beginners to experiment with. The plant looks very strange and grows in patches. Sugar Shack is light green with brown and orange hairs. As the plants get closer to time to harvest, the hairs get darker in color. The crystals aren’t heavy with this marijuana plant but there is a decent yield offered. This particular strain of cannabis is best used at night as it makes a person very relaxed and sleepy. It offers a mild high for the body and the mind. If you want to relax but not sleep, reduce the amount of Sugar Shack you use.

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