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Tailor-Made Quarter Pound Mix & Match

Introducing the market’s most flexible, customizable and personalized mix and match quarter pound bundle. Like our classic AAA quarter-pound bundle, the base price for this package will be $460.

The difference is that you can choose AA options that can bring the price down, or AAA+/AAAA options at an added fee. The result? A quarter pound mix and match bundle with everything that fits your smoking routine.

Let this package be a reflection of your awesomeness.

Some strains have no extra fees in the first ounce selection, but comes with a surcharge for the second, third and fourth ounce selection – this means that that certain strain can only be chosen once at no extra charge (for example, Atomic Nuken).

Please look up each strain’s product page for more info (some contain disclaimers).


SKU: 073ad4b766f6 Categories: , , , , , ,
SKU: 073ad4b766f6 Categories: , , , , , ,

Please note: this product offers 50% reward points

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  1. Sandy Seraille

    i love this awesome post

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