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Yoda is cool as a cucumber, just as the strain named after him, Yoda OG. Yoda OG is a great Indica Californian strain, and it has to do more with than just its name. This strain is a descendant of the cult-classic OG Kush. It seems like OG Kush has dipped its toes in every strain pool, but who can complain when the quality is out of this world! ? Just like Yoda himself, Yoda OG is a dim green shade and short in stature. It produces an earthy and woodsy scent that reminds one of walking through the forest. While most strains tend to taste as they smell, this one is a little different. The bud features a pungent and citrusy flavour, an unusual combo that blends perfectly. ? Yoda OG will have you feeling the force, the force of gravity pinning you to the couch. This strain is the epitome of a cool-down. Moments after inhaling, a wave of relaxation washes over, releasing all tension. The sedation numbs the body, giving users a heavy ?stone.? The ensuing euphoria is very uplifting, making life feel like you?re floating on a kush cloud. Any problems quickly disappear, leaving you with a big ol? smile on your face. ? Once the high comes down, the sleepiness takes over. Get ready to pull up a blanket and pass out, regardless if you?re on the couch or in abed. Yoda OG is an uplifting strain that features a myriad of health benefits. Medical users looking to alleviate chronic pain and arthritis often find resolve in the pressure. It?s also an ideal strain for those wishing to relieve anxiety and insomnia. Yoda OG goes full force, be one with it. ?


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