Even when not in use, cannabis can be harmful to children and pets. That’s why we recommend you leave your cannabis in its original, child-resistant packaging and keep it out of sight and out of reach, just as you do with prescription drugs. It is safest in a locked cabinet or drawer. If you grow your own plants, you also need to be careful about how easy they are to access. Not only can the plant itself be dangerous, poor air quality, pesticides and electrical hazards that may come along with indoor growing can spell trouble. Limit how many plants you cultivate (remember, the legal limit is four per household), and ensure you’re growing in a secure area.

Safe storage also pulls double duty, helping your cannabis products maintain their quality and freshness longer. Here are a few quick storage tips.


  • Store out of sunlight in a cool, dry place.
  • Vacuum seal containers to minimize oxygen exposure.
  • Keep strains separate to maintain their flavour profiles.


  • Store in the refrigerator. Not only is cannabis easily accessible, temperature and humidity changes can cause mold and mildew.
  • Use plastic bags for storage.
  • Store with grinders, pipes or other paraphernalia – scent, ash and resin will linger.

Make sure you separate your strains. Like most plant matter, cannabis has terpenes that influence its taste and aroma. There is, to some degree, volatility in these aromatic compounds that have the potential to change or influence other cannabis strains if they rub against each other. The trichomes of cannabis are wet and oily, so if these oils transfer to another strain, they will leave their trace, thus compromising the taste. In other words, you don’t want your Blue Dream tasting like Granddaddy Purple.

Keep your grinders, pipes, papers, etc. separate from your cannabis. The resin from pipes tends to linger, well after you’ve smoked your bud and this will undoubtably stink up your box. As previously mentioned, cannabis contains volatile aromatic compounds and you don’t want these influenced by outside sources. As for the other paraphernalia, it’s simply good etiquette to keep your tools separate from your cannabis.

Utilize humidity as a means to keep the trichomes from drying. The optimal humidity range is a little less than what you’d like for tobacco, which should be between 55% and 62% RH. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and will keep the trichomes sticky and moist. Similar to cigars, however, you want a nice slow burn, so you can really get the full flavor of your cannabis strain.