A dank and potent strain, Skywalker OG offers a super relaxed high with a nice blend of hybrid effects. An indica-dominant beauty that weighs in at 85/15, it’s the lovechild of Skywalker and OG Kush. Like its namesake, it will bring strong kush attributes and leave you feeling like you’re in the clouds for hours.

Also known as Skywalker OG Kush, this strain boasts a powerful THC count, with peak measurements in the 26% range. Even the lower side, which hovers around 20%, isn’t for beginners, as it offers an intense high that comes on quickly. Spicy herbal and diesel notes best describe Skywalker OG, as it’s a pungent strain that tastes almost exactly as it smells. Nugs are round and a deep olive green, yet are offset by wiry pistils and dense white trichomes.

Because of its strong physical high, Skywalker OG is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain. Whether it’s due to an injury or disease, your body will savor temporary relief with this strain. It’s perfect for those who suffer from extreme stress, anxiety, and depression. Think about this strain as a vacation from your worries and the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Individuals who struggle with poor appetite can also find much-needed help from Skywalker OG.

Slightly temperamental, yet worth the effort it takes, this strain has a moderately difficult time being grown at home. That’s offset, however, with plants that are manageable in size, that flower within 7 to 9 weeks, and that produce a rather large yield. While it may not be the best strain for inexperienced growers, those with a green thumb will know just what to do with this beauty to make her thrive.

Whether you’re about to watch a Star Wars marathon in your living room or you just need some quiet time in bed before drifting into a deep and relaxing night of sleep, Skywalker OG should be your go-to when you want to check out from reality.


marijuana as a use for insomnia

The heavy sedative effects make Skywalker OG ideal for insomniacs and it’s attractive terpene profile offers up hope for many in the fight against chronic pain. Many patients report relief from migraines and anxiety after using this strain.

The light, mental stimulation means that you’ll still be able to concentrate on a film or book, but don’t use too much – the tipping point between relaxed and sleepy makes Skywalker OG ideal on a lazy, rainy day.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are commonly reported side effects with the Skywalker OG strain, but these can be mitigated with some conscious self-care: drink water before, during and after use.


Skywalker OG is easy-moderate to grow both indoors and outdoors, and it will flower in 8-9 weeks. It is highly resistant to disease and yields around 6 oz. per square foot. Growing to around 60 in. on average, Skywalker OG lends itself well to indoor cultivation.


These seeds are very hard to come by. You can currently by Skywalker seeds, but Skywalker OG itself is almost impossible to find. Your best bet is to look for it in the dispensaries in Cali, but even then you’d need to be astronomically lucky to actually get a seed inside your bud. This is the problem when not all


Skywalker OG is suited to indoor growing with a hydroponic set-up. Run clones in a SOG (Sea Of Green) method for best result indoors. Keep airflow up and humidity down to protect large colas. Ideal temperature 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Skywalker OG is:

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Very strong indica strain
  • OG Kush parent
  • Couch lock
  • Heavy sedation
  • Great for helping you sleep
  • Smoking about an hour before sleep, otherwise the cerebral effects may keep you up.