, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

Marijuana or cannabis is widely sold in Canada for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis has been very useful for patients having anxiety and other such issues and is also considered useful against cancer. Smoking cannabis or eating edibles are a great way of relaxation and chilling out.


THCDelivery.ca is one of the leading online dispensaries that provide a variety of high-quality cannabis products to legal aged Canadians all over the country. The dispensary is known for valuing the quality and assortment of products , fast and reliable delivery and maintaining the privacy and security if the clients. It also offers great reward programs as well as good discounts in the future for customers who sign up.


People all across the country can not only find flowers but also concentrates and edibles on THC Delivery’s website and get them at really affordable prices.


They have a very easy-to navigate and user friendly website. You can choose from a wide variety of products ranging from CBD oils, concentrates, flowers, skincare and pet products. If you are having difficulties in choosing the right strain, you can order the multi-pack which contains a sample of different products to help you choose in the future. Get all the high you want, in one place and at great prices.

THCDelivery.ca reviews according to Reddit and Craigslist:

There are mixed reviews about this dispensary. While a lot of people have said that the dispensary boasts good products and have a nice variety. But there are complaints that they set high prices for some of the products as compared to other online dispensaries while the quality is not as good. There are also complaints that they edit the comments and hide the negative reviews.

Take a look at some of the Reddit links which contain valuable comments from customers:

Craigslist customers have said that THCDelivery has some great buds that look great and taste good as well. However, a lot of them have complained that the buds fail to give the expected high. The dispensary claims that all its strains are pretty potent with a THC content of around 25-30%. The customers beg to differ with this and feel that most of the products from the dispensary are mellow and mild. They are not happy with the fact that the dispensary often charges more for their strains compared to other dispensaries in the country.

THC Delivery Product Assortment:


You can find many dispensaries on the Internet that are fake as creating a website these days is no big deal. THC Delivery is certainly not one of them. They are a genuine and trusted dispensary with a great variety of cannabis products.

THC Delivery offers a great variety of flowers and you can find:

  • CBD :

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

  • Hybrid:

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

  • Indica:

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

  • Sativa:

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

In the CBD section you can find :

  • CBD Vape
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD for tinctures
  • CBD Oil and Tears

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

In the concentrates section of THC Delivery you can find a great variety:

  • Shatter
  • Hash
  • Vape Pens
  • Distillates

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

You can find a lot of edibles as well like:


-Chocolate Bars





, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

Accessories are also important and you can find the following:

  • Vape Pens
  • Rolling papers
  • Grinders
  • Batteries
  • Rolling trays

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

THC Delivery’s Prices and Loyalty programs:

THC Delivery is one of the most affordable dispensaries in Canada. Just to give you an idea about the prices, you can get the Bentley OG, one of the finest strains available at around$9.50 per gram. You can get CBD capsules for prices as low as $7 per pop and shatter concentrates for around $45 per gram. You might get similar products at cheaper prices, elsewhere, but with THC Delivery there is no compromise in quality plus you get the package conveniently delivered to you.

They offer great loyalty programs for the customers. You can earn points by different ways:

  • Buying: Whenever you make a purchase, you get one percent of the value back as THC Delivery points.
  • Logging in: Five THC Delivery points are offered when you log into your account.
  • Referrals: Referrals can see you get 2500 THC Delivery Points.

These points can be used to avail great discounts.

THC Delivery’s Shipping Process:

Shipping is done via XpressPost which costs $19.99 to anywhere in Canada. THC Delivery offers free delivery on orders above $220.

A tracking number is given to the customers once the package is dropped at the courier.

You can expect to get the delivery within 1-2 business days in major urban areas while it may take 2-3 days in case of Non-Major urban areas. Deliveries to remote areas and northern regions may take 3-5 days. They deliver the products in good packaging without any tampering. It is discrete and helps the customers maintain their privacy and security.

Personal Experience with THC Delivery:

As I was going through their website, the Pineapple Express and the Citrus Skunk caught my eye.

I had to do a few things before I could make the purchase.

  • Create a THC Delivery account
  • Attach a picture of a government issued ID for age verification
  • Add the items to the cart
  • Pay for my order using Interac E-Transfer

I had placed the order on a Wednesday and got the package delivered to me on Friday. The products arrived in a vacuum sealed, airtight and odour-free bags. The package was sent out with a signature upon delivery request to ensure that it went to the right person.

The pineapple express looked great and had a sweet tropical scent. But it did not give me the high I had expected. It was mellow and it gave me dry eyes and cottonmouth.

The Citrus Skunk however was pretty satisfactory. It had a gooey structure and a nice citrusy flavour. It gave a good euphoric buzz and a calming high later. Loved the product as the effects were good. In spite of being an Indica person I would definitely try this again.

Final Thought on THC Delivery:

They have a good catalogue of products and offer good loyalty and reward programs. The website is easy to use and the delivery is reliable. However, prices are a bit on the higher side, maybe because they include GST. One negative aspect is that it edits the comments and hides the negative ones making it less trustworthy.


All of the strains, edibles, concentrates, and accessories are fairly priced and one of the most affordable ones you will find online. Different strains and products have different prices obviously, but all of them is worth it.

Ordering from the website is easy as you need to choose the product, enter your details, make the payment and wait for happiness to arrive which is very quick as well.

Shipping and packing:

The products are delivered in a discrete and safe packing to keep your privacy intact. The packaging is durable and long-lasting and the products arrive in great condition.

There are free deliveries on orders above a certain value and the delivery process is very quick compared to other online places. All in all, it’ a very fast and efficient service at great prices.

, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)


Explore a world of amazing products and order them right away. Visit the website to know more.

Contact Us:

You can reach out to THC Delivery regarding any inquiries and questions by dropping a mail at mail@thcdelivery.ca.

The team responds to your query pretty quickly and lets you buy the products you want, easily.



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, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)

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, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)
, THC Delivery MOM Review (2020)
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