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Weed apps have never been in short supply. Even when the industry wasn’t as ‘legal’, there were still plenty of cannabis apps on multiple devices. Now that the market has matured, there is a clamoring for useful software to make the high life more comfortable. To make sure you don’t download a bogus app full of spyware and ads, choose from any of the seven on this list. They are the top weed apps of 2019 and have shown incredible growth.

7. Leafly


As the largest cannabis website in the world, it was only
natural that Leafly would begin to incorporate their own app. The big surprise
is that the app is actually useful, and not a buggy piece of crap. The app has
over forty-million views when you include the website, so it is easily the most
populated app on the list. With Leafly you can search for cannabis according to
medical use (strain explorer), find dispensaries based on zip codes (dispensary
locator) and get in-depth reviews of all strains. The app for Leafly is a much
more convenient way to scroll through the site on a smaller screen.

6. HighThere!

high there

There are not a lot of words that can describe HighThere!
accurately- at least not without laughing. The app is considered the ‘Tinder’
of weed apps, and well that is exactly what it is. HighThere! is the best way
to hook up with someone that shares your cannabis interests. Surprisingly, it
is quite active, so finding a hookup can be done quickly. It is a safe and
secure way to connect with people, and things like messaging aren’t gated
behind a paywall. The core of the HighThere! community is about not getting
paired up with someone that is anti-weed. After looking at other dating apps, HighThere!
seems like a necessary social media experiment to keep people in safe spaces.
Even if you’re not looking for a date, hang out partners and friendship is a
click away.

5. GrowBuddy

grow buddy

I’m always a bit weird about using things that don’t have a
Wikipedia entry. GrowBuddy is one of those apps, and it was worth the risk. The
slogan ‘Built for growers, by growers’ is the perfect way to describe its
usefulness. Growbuddy functions as a marijuana grow journal app for beginner
and intermediate growers. There are even professional features for expert
growers, making this a well-rounded app. Growbuddy also has a built-in marketplace
for all of the latest weed news, including a case files section that answers
the most common questions. Growbuddy will be your best friend if you want the
best growth possible. Here’s to hoping it gets more recognition in 2019!

4. Eaze

ease cannabis

If you have an ID, then cannabis delivery is the way of the future. Eaze is without a doubt the go to app for cannabis delivery if you live in California. They now ship all throughout the U.S. and have really cornered the market. So why does this matter if you’re a Canadian resident? Eaze has been considering expanding into other territories, and it is only natural that one of their first stops is Canada! When this happens, it will be big news for the entire industry. Although there are a few deliver services already in place, Eaze brings a convenience unlike any other. They will be a welcome addition to the Canadian marketplace if they get set up in 2019.

3. Weedmaps


Have you ever used Yelp? Well, welcome to Weedmaps, which has all of the information of Yelp but none of the backhanded charm. Weedmaps is a reliable source of information to review, discuss and recommend cannabis strains and dispensaries. The database is constantly growing and is quite formidable when compared to the others on the list. It is also important to note that Chris Beals is the president of the company. If you’ve never heard of him, look the guy up- this guy weeds. Weedmaps is an important part of the community due to their past efforts of aiding in the legalization of cannabis. By supporting Weedmaps, you are supporting a company that believes in the cause. Wait, there is still a cause?

2. Muncheez


Fans of Muncheez are either lovers of middle eastern cuisine or like to get high. Or both. For those interested in the Muncheez app, it serves worldwide and is quite strong in Canada. The legal cannabis marketplace is strong in this one and may have results missing from other search engines. Although it lacks the polish of Leafly and Eaze, Muncheez is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. When deals show up, they are mostly exclusive to the app. And for the most part, they do a solid job of keeping up with news in the industry. But for pure search engine power of the weed products from trusted dispensaries, this is a highly recommended app.

1. simLeaf

sim leaf

This one is a bit biased since I am a huge fan of sim-like games. Lovers of Pokémon and Tamagotchi will also find simLeaf equally as addicting. It is a marijuana growth game that airs on the side of realism instead of wackiness. Technically, you could classify it as an educational tool for those interested in weed, whether growing or smoking. The options are unique to real-life counterparts, letting you completely control the growth process. You can even micromanage things like water levels, humidity, temperature, pH levels and more. Useful information is displayed as you partake in this weed journey, providing helpful tips so that your plant grows in the best way possible.

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